Friday, December 23, 2011


I am getting grey hair.... NO correction, they are white! I pluck them daily, but that just seems to piss them off and they grow back faster. Plus they are multiplying at an incredible rate.

I know people joke about raising kids giving you grey hair. 

I'm raising my sister and baby, so they are TWICE as irritating as normal children.

What is next? Menopause?! Been having horrible cramps this month... that's probably how it starts.

Fuck it - I don't care if my uterus falls out. I just wanna look young again!

Wrinkles, I've noticed wrinkles too! Oh. My. God. If my teen sister has a kid, I will look like it's grandma! That slut better be using condoms!

Love you ladies... stay youthful, kay?



  1. Mum always told me that for every grey/white hair you yank out, 3 more will sprout up in its place. Like a hydra. only much, much worse. I'd take a hydra over aging any day...
    For this reason, I shall continue bleaching my head until my hair is WHITE (not grey) on its own. :D

    At least after menopause, we'll never have the monthlies ever again. <3 And a healthy dose of botulism will clear those wrinkles right up.


  2. Ahh getting old is like my biggest fear ever and I'm scared as hell about getting preggers and looking like a mom jeans mom someday (or god forbid a teen mom). Botulism indeed just avoid your mouth. Omg I am dying my hair until the day I die I swear.

  3. Oh Zen ... where's the update you wanted to post?

    Still wondering what you got arrested for :D will you ever tell?

    You know ... Sometimes grey hair can be sexy. White hair especially!
    But ... how old are you? I mean white hair?
    Okay, that girl at work said a couple weeks ago that she's getting grey hair aswell (but she loves it).

    anyway, merry christmas!


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