Thursday, December 29, 2011

the REAL update

Miss Burton, out of my love for you, I will disclose my naughty doings.
I was arrested for...... shoplifting. 
At a fucking grocery store.


Honestly, money is tight as hell. We've moved to the states. EVERYTHING was overwhelming. But we are finally starting to get settled in. 

Had an 80 degree Christmas though... that kind of killed the holiday spirit for us.

Oh, and I am only in my 20's. So getting grey hair is probably a side effect of living a life of crime.

LURVE you guys.

xoxo zen


Updated the Zen Thinspo blog this week with some bootylicious finds. 
Come check it out my lovelies.

xoxo zen


xoxo zen

Friday, December 23, 2011


I am getting grey hair.... NO correction, they are white! I pluck them daily, but that just seems to piss them off and they grow back faster. Plus they are multiplying at an incredible rate.

I know people joke about raising kids giving you grey hair. 

I'm raising my sister and baby, so they are TWICE as irritating as normal children.

What is next? Menopause?! Been having horrible cramps this month... that's probably how it starts.

Fuck it - I don't care if my uterus falls out. I just wanna look young again!

Wrinkles, I've noticed wrinkles too! Oh. My. God. If my teen sister has a kid, I will look like it's grandma! That slut better be using condoms!

Love you ladies... stay youthful, kay?