Monday, August 02, 2010

Lascivious text?


I love a good game of dirty talk. This boy doesn't know how to play.

And he seriously typed *blink*.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean anyway? Is that the way douche-bags *wink*? Or was he indicating for me to type my address so we can get-it-on already?

He aint getting any.

Pretty much sums up my personal life right now. Blah. In need of more alcohol and new batteries for my electronic boyfriend.

Found out that my teen sisters "sleep overs" at girlfriends houses were actually just a bullshit way to sneak out to wild parties. The kind I used to go to at her age. The kind she is NOT allowed to be going to. That lil skank is grounded for life.

So what if I am a hypocrite? I get a twisted pleasure out of watching her pout.

I really don't know what to do with her. Maybe she just needs to be put in a convent. Then I can finally get out and have some fun.

I do remember being her age. Those were some crazy times. And I didn't have a bitchy older sister to ruin all the fun.

Ooh, I finally set up a Facebook account... feel free to add me!


Muchas gracias for the yummy joke Hollow.