Sunday, January 01, 2012

A little tipsy

Well here I am, drowning in Pinterest online whilst listening to Awolnation's "Megalithic Symphony" on Spotify (btw... the song "Sail" is by far my fave)...

And all the sudden I hear a burst of fireworks outside. They've been going off sporadically all night, but this was bigger... more robust. 

It occurred to me a few minutes later to check the time. 12:07.
Hmmm I missed the New Year. Bah.

I am sitting here alone, the lil one is asleep, my teen sis is out partying on the beach and my preggo roommate is locked in her room, being grumpy (boyfriend/hormone issues).

All these years I have had my dog... a chihuahua, to give me a furry little New Years Kiss. 
He's gone. 

I do however have a fat, snoring pug lying next to me.
You would have to kill me first.

Hope this year brings much joy, happiness and love to us all.
And Fuck it, let's be skinny too!

Happy Happy Happy New Year Loves!
xoxo zen