Sunday, January 01, 2012

A little tipsy

Well here I am, drowning in Pinterest online whilst listening to Awolnation's "Megalithic Symphony" on Spotify (btw... the song "Sail" is by far my fave)...

And all the sudden I hear a burst of fireworks outside. They've been going off sporadically all night, but this was bigger... more robust. 

It occurred to me a few minutes later to check the time. 12:07.
Hmmm I missed the New Year. Bah.

I am sitting here alone, the lil one is asleep, my teen sis is out partying on the beach and my preggo roommate is locked in her room, being grumpy (boyfriend/hormone issues).

All these years I have had my dog... a chihuahua, to give me a furry little New Years Kiss. 
He's gone. 

I do however have a fat, snoring pug lying next to me.
You would have to kill me first.

Hope this year brings much joy, happiness and love to us all.
And Fuck it, let's be skinny too!

Happy Happy Happy New Year Loves!
xoxo zen


  1. I'd give you a New Year's kiss :) Level of platonic-ness to be settled beforehand, or by boob-grabbing mid-kiss :p

    I missed the new year, almost. This fireworks woke me up at midnight.

    Do you have Steam? You should ad me if you do. TopazTangles. You may or may not get a gift from me, depending on extra shifts etc.

    Happy new year, Wonderful Zen.


  2. No I do not have Steam... But boob-grabbing is always appreciated :)

  3. I got a drunk kiss from my boyfriends bestie... that was a surprise and a half. lol.

    I love New Years. such a fresh start :) XO

  4. thanks for sharing the video :)

    so you spent new years eve on your own? sometimes not a bad thing. anyhow, I hope the next year will bring loooots of happyness etc blah, you know, the usual happy new year smalltalk :)


  5. Happy new year to u too! Yea... toast to a skinny year!

  6. Happy new year. I love this song so much. We listen to it in my science class all the time bc I have the coolest teacher ever. I was alone almost all last night too and it sucked.

  7. happy new year suze!
    sooooo.... back to the US? got tired of the old world?
    I hope things get better for you and your sisters!

  8. Love that've got good taste in jams.

    Kick the new year's ass, eh?

  9. Have a good year and remember to get laid more!
    From Jay

  10. Hope you're having a good new year so far!! We missed the actual 12:00 as well--we were too busy playing the nerdiest party game ever....


  11. Ooh I dig that song. I didn't know who it was by until I played the vid. Thanks for enlightening me!

  12. Are you still around? I miss you!


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