Tuesday, April 01, 2014


happiness is make believe... a fairytale


  1. be strong lovey
    and breathe, breathe, breathe

  2. What the FUCK! You do fucking matter to me you hot skinny thing.

    FUCK, Shit, Cocksucker, Analingus, Fat girls suck great big giant elephant dick and Google reindexed Bigger Fatter Blog. FUCK YEAH!

    Thigh gaps are fucking hot and skinny chick have great smelling pussies and are yeast free.

    Why Any Chick Can and Should Have a Thigh Gap

    Thigh gaps are a matter of sexual courtesy. I well ventilated beaver is a happy beaver.

  3. Zen, I fucking hope you're ok.


    *Is worried*


  4. I'm ok. Fell for a married man. Became depressed about my lack in judgement. Still hard to ignore him... especially when he is so fucking sexy. Dick. Why can't married men come with a warning label... danger I am a twat who lies to his wife.
    And Fat Bastardo are you single? Perhaps you could come cheer me up with that dirty mouth of yours ♥

  5. Here's the thing you hot skinny thing you. ALL you skinny bitches are better than the fat girls and here is why. You ladies have humility and a bit too much and that is why you don't think you are good enough. Depriving yourselves of food is because you do not feel worth of self-indulgence. You continue to reinforce that pattern. Fat girls are food slut and they won't deny themselves anything but they are in denial.

    Here is how to solve the problem. Reject the notion of self-esteem. Self-esteem is BS because it is always conditional. Fat girls have no self esteem nor any humility and that is why they are happy in their delusions. The call themselves BBW.

    This married guy who you fell for probably had a fat wife.

    I am not telling you to get fat or even gain an ounce. I would tell you to accept yourself for who you are because there really is not other choice. Based on your writing I think you are delightful.

    We will have to discuss my relationship status via email. I have some angry fatties stalking me.

    I would love to talk dirty to you. EAT (and I don't mean food) FUCK EAT FUCK EAT FUCK rest repeat. LICK, TONGUE, SUCK, BITE

    Zen, you are fine the way you are and you will only get better. Relax.


Use foul language if you love me...