Thursday, February 03, 2011

Motivational Quote Of The Fricken Day

While walking home from a café with baby yesterday, we ran into a friend of hers. As the tots hugged and chatted I scoped out dad. He was HOT.  I could feel my boobs flush when he smiled at me.

As we continued our walk home, baby told me her friend only stays part-time with dad. Mmmm single. I mentioned that he was cute, just in case she wanted to toss that info out there next time she talked to her little friend.

She told me that her friend's mom was real skinny... like I used to be. hmph. Ok, so maybe I have gained a bit of weight, but I am exercising.

"Well, I am getting skinnier and skinnier every day" I said.
She glanced at me then replied "And fatter and fatter every night".

Ha ha. What?!

Oooh, game on shithead. I'll show you results.



  1. The joys of siblings! Always saying things to wind you up!
    But its great inspiratoin to work harder

  2. well that was rather insenitive of your lil sis.

  3. Wow, that was rude of her.

  4. Ah kids. Dive me up the wall.
    Yep, you show her.

    p.s. hot dad - like it - a lot

  5. Little brat!
    That's why we love them, I suppose.

    I missed you, BTW.
    Glad you're posting again!
    Your blogs always make me laugh - sometimes really and truly out loud. :S

  6. Rude much?

    Free-Range rude are always in season, and I love me the sound of long pork flaming under a scathing retort ;)

  7. FUCK YEAH ZEN!!!!!!!

    I can't believe you're back. This is excellent news. WHERE the FUCK have you BEEN?!?!

    So I've missed you a lot. Welcome back.


  8. Ohh haha.. what wonderful things little kids.. no?

  9. Happy to see you're posting again! Children are hilariously cruel, they don't even realise.
    So you've got a bit of a DILF on your hands.... nice xx

  10. Kid's say the darnedest things....

  11. OUCH
    my kid will tell me i have a fat stomach at the busstop where everyone who's on the way to work can hear... children are little evil bastards they just hide it well and cover it with cute looks

  12. augh.
    siblings are the wost.

    i've missed you dearest.

  13. HELLO!
    That's hilarious and awful too. Sometimes hearing them kiddies' true feelings can hurt more than the same words from an adult.
    Either way, you probably knocked dad's socks off. Keep us informed of romantic developments plz.

  14. Toddlers can be so considerate.

    But then if you had no 5-yr-old sister, you'd have fewer single fathers to stalk. ;D



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