Friday, June 18, 2010

Sexy and Shriveling

Took my teen sister to her doctor for a checkup. 
The nurse said she was 5'7" tall. 
HUH? Wait a minute... lets try that again, must be a mistake.
She measured again. Yes, my sister is definitely 5'7".

I have always been 5'7" and she's already towering over me.
I said, um, can you measure me then? Cause I'm confused.
I lost an inch of height?! LOL. Whaaat?

Numbers raced through my head. So I am FATTER! Now my goal weight has to be 5lbs lower? Or 10lbs? Oh god, no no, I have to be an inch taller, I need it!

I wanted the nurse to help me understand what just happened. But for some reason she seemed unfazed by my nervous breakdown. It was like she had something better to do.

I sat through my sisters exam... nodding my head and pretending to care (cause I am such a selfless person), all the while thinking about how I need to hurry home and recalculate my BMI.

Afterwords her doctor asked if I had any questions. 

I jumped up. Ooh yeah! She is clearly taller than me right? I have always been 5'7", and she just measured at 5'7", but now I am suddenly 5'6". How is that possible?

He chuckled and said not to worry, it just happens as we become older.


But I'm only in my 20's.

Welcome to the geriatric shrinking club zen.

Wet granny kisses,

Oh, btw her drug test was negatory! Good girl. I told you I am a strict hypocrite.

EDIT: I calculated my new goal weight based on shrinkage... 103lbs.
So that means I am now 7lbs fatter.


  1. FUCK I'm 5"3
    I seriously don't need to be any smaller, eeeek!

    Isn't it strange how you can be sent into the wildest little panic by your ED, when everyone else would not even be phased?

    Anywho, you better start collecting those cats Zen :)

  2. That is so retarded.
    I'm 5"5, but last year I was 5"6.
    All very strange.
    Don't worry, you're not old. :]

  3. Wow, isn't a computor a little technologically advanced for you? Maybe you should get back to your knitting.
    Don't worry, honey, that just motivates you to get working harder!
    Stay strong, skinny (: x

  4. Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I'd better go measure my height. Last time I checked was, um, the middle of high school? Fuuuuuuuck. On the bright side, I may be able to hit lower weights without getting in the shit too much :D

    Heh, we'll get shorter as the ED steals our bone density DX

    *Whiskery granny kisses*

  5. Me too me too me too! 5'4" to 5'3", and my sister 5'3" to 5'4"!!!

    I'm 18, and wasn't amused either. They told me to drink more milk, though I think it would be easier to amputate my sisters' legs.

  6. It's nice to see you back! That sucks about the height; I'm not looking forward to shrinking either - I'm gonna end up 4"6' or something stupid like that by time I'm 60 haha xxxx

  7. i shrank by one cm too and im only 16. it surprised me loads too because im seriously too young to be shrinking again, i should still be growing! bodies are weird

  8. If it counts for anything, I shrunk a half inch between August of 2006 and November of that same year. :/ I was 19.

    It kinda bites. At least I've kept my height since. Hopefully you'll do the same ;; ♥

  9. i shrank.
    and then i grew again?
    it was bizarre.

  10. I want to go check my height now, but I am not going to. I don't want to be any shorter! I am the shortest in my family already! Even my sister, 6 years younger than me, is taller than me.


  11. happened to me - I always thought I was 5'6" - turns out I'm 5'5"

    sad day

  12. oh no.
    i must go measure my height again.

  13. Oh no. I'm 20 and 5'10'' and my 16 year old sister is 5'11''. She would definitely not pass a drug test. Haha, we're all just fucked.

  14. That's so retarded!! No worries, as long as you don't have the granny hunch, which I know you don't!!! And I have a lot of friends that have lost an inch or two also.


    I think i'd have a complete breakdown if i got any shorter. i'm 4'10" and that is already smurf-sized. i dream of being 5'3"
    or 5' anything...
    i know you must be busy busy, but don't you leave us ok? ok.

  17. SCARY! I would flip out majorly if I shrunk height-wise. There are so many more desirable things to
    Hope all's well with you.

  18. It always depends on WHEN you were measured.
    After all, we shrink during the day. :)

  19. Man that would fuck me up! I was once measured as 5'7" and it properly made my day, it was like lbs spontaneously disappearing from my body. I'm scared to be properly measured at the moment in case I've shrunk. I cling to that .5 on my height like my life depends on it. If I were to shrink to 5'6" I'd suddenly be a fat(er) fuck.

    Thanks for the laverrly comments. I really am not gorgeous, or little. But I'd kiss you for thinking it :)

  20. I was 5'7 in highschool with 9 size shoes. When I hit the age of 20 I became 5'6.5 and 8 size shoes.
    It's normal, but of course if you prefer being taller it sucks :-/

  21. I had absolutely no idea that this could happen until you were either severely starving or about to retire. Something new to freak out about.

    Im pushing 5 foot as it is... imagine if i started getting even smaller!!!???!
    not to worry love

  23. gah im so jealous! as weird as it may sound, i wish i was still 5'3. i just went to the doctor a few months back and up till that appointment i had assumed i was still just barely 5'3(closer to 5'2) and suddenly BAM i grew an inch. i cant wait till i shrink back down to 5'3, its like just short enough to be super cute and petite, but 5'4 is like the in between. its too tall to be cute but too short to be
    oh and thanks for all your supportive comments on my blog, its helped me so much through this shit hole situation. im calling my father this friday actually to see about moving in ( though im sure paris is 10,000 times better lol).*jealous* for now im just focusing on packing me and my sons stuff and spending some well needed alooooone time with my battery operated boyfriend, gotta blow off some steam somehow :P
    stay strong

  24. miss you too! It's a little hard to post with mom watching my every move. she knows i'm a lil psychotic lol. will def see you soon. hope ur sisters are doing well too. /xo

  25. Aww, I'm so so sorry. That really sucks. See this is why I don't make fun of short people. I'm 5'9" and seriously short people have to eat so much less to stay skinny. Like me I can loss weight easy when I'm restricting. Shorter people maybe not so much. Okay so basicly your sister stinks. Okay so eventualy mine will be like 6' and I will be crying because she is tiny with an olymians metabolism.

  26. P.S. my sister has huge temper tantrums to. of course we are small town kids so our parents take us more so as slaves than children. Raised "by hand". Spanked. Ya I have to many responsabilaties but I think it's made me a good person and a resectable young lady.

  27. You know, being European, I think in centimeters.
    I'm somewhere between 5'6" and 5'7", which is 169 cm. But I know that if I measure myself in the evening I'll be closer to 168cm, and even 167 if I have been standing all day, because the spine just doesn't stretch completely at the end of the day and needs some rest. Try measuring yourself first thing in the morning!


  28. Zen you lovely weirdo, you. Feels like you're kinda distant at the moment...Another post please? Some photos of you perhaps? or maybe just email me them privately...:P xx

  29. hey there love, I jussssst read this.. fucking hilarious. that's pretty much all.


    ps. trust me, i'm not laughing at you, just the situational silent-film real that's playing in my head. love you mucho


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