Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Been pretty bummed since the ridiculous demise of Lost. A toddler could have conceived a better ending plot.

Six years, SIX fucking years I watched that show. And BLAM... the fuck-tards kill them all off. Leave my la la land intact why don't you?! Now every time I try to fantasize about one of those sexy (dead) island dudes, I get depressed.

If Alice were here she'd agree, but she's not, so I'll speak for her. The Lost series finale sucked ASS! And she'd also say that Damon Salvatore and I would make beautiful babies together.
Right Alice? Bow chicka bow wow.

Girls night out was a blast as usual. Drinking, flirting... my best friend made out with a hot blue-eyed boy.

And I made friends with a bum. His name was Larry.

Another homeless man, was trying to chase Larry away on his bicycle. That dude was trying like hell to run Larry over. I guess there was some kind of hobo turf war going on.

So I invited him to sit with us at our patio table. We enjoyed a few drinks and some grub. Larry was a bit odd, naturally, but very nice. And he didn't smell that bad at all. Why the fuck do I mention things like that? It's like saying I was sitting there sniffing him.

My mother always did call me a bum magnet. She'd be so proud.

Ahhh this commercial always gave me chills...

xoxo zen


  1. Carbs (& booze, for that matter) are the devil (because they are often so yummy).

  2. Wtf.
    WTF ZEN.

    Ah well. I'm actually not serious about the above, seeing as I haven't watched Lost in about three years. It just got too fucking complicated for a once-a-week show. I mean, I'd watch it one week and then by the following week I'd have forgotten what happened the previous week. That scene review thing in the behinning of every episode didn't help.

    So anyway. Love the hobo. I love hobo's. I think they're the most sincere motherfuckers out there (unless they're alcoholics/drug addicts).

    Anywho. Shall end this long novel now.

  3. you were sitting there sniffing him, you know it

    I attract creepers, they don't smell, but they touch you inappropriately - ick

  4. I have this hilariously amazing image of you sitting there sniffing a man dressed in a potato sack. I have been giggling over it for the last five minutes. Thank you, darling, for making my day.

  5. Today was a carb feast for me too... that's why we're lucky there is a tomorrow!!

    And LOST is way too complicated for it's own good... but it's not reason to kill everyone!! Sorry babe :(

  6. Roflmao, they did WHAT?!? That is a sad, sad way to end a sreies like Lost! They could have used their imaginations, FFS!!

    Ooooh, rosetta stone? What is this thing? Mmm, Russia. They breed pretty people with hot accents *Lusts*

  7. I gave up on Lost a long time ago but I was still kinda miffed at the ending.

    Also, Long Live Larry!

  8. for some reason ive read "i havent been doing so well" and stuff like that on several blogs these past few days. as if when one binges, we all do.
    lets all get back on track, ok? ive not been doing well either. today is a new day!
    good luck xxx

  9. I have returned! And with a new working keyboard! Pah, no pressure indeed!

    Epic fail. I was actually considering downloading and having myself a Lost marathaon as a stopped watching it at around season 3ish (when it switched to sky? *shrugs* i can't remember)But EVERYONE i've spoken to has said the season finale was disappointingly wank.

    My new low of 138/9 was so exciting! I felt so skinny! But i'm back up to 140 now, despite my exercising. Rubbishness of the highest degree.

    Much love

  10. teehee, you sitting on a patio sniffing someone ...*giggles*


  11. Rargh, i fucking hope so. I walked around for ages today and i've only eaten about 250 cals and taken four laxatives thus far.

    I was RIDICULOUSLY excited to hand in my deposit and form! And today was such a beautiful day, it made the little facility look so cute with it's wrought iron gate and redbrick courtyard with ivy and flowers. It was adorable!

    People who treat me like i'm stupid often bear the brunt of my rage. It's generally quite funny but there's no excuse for it, and i will not tolerate it.

    As for the acid, i did have an amazing time, i'd highly recommend it for anyone who fancies experiencing a drastic if temporary change in perspective. It was great fun! I always enjoy my trips, even though halfway through the night my body tried to turn itself inside out as i threw up bile. Always some interesting ephiphanies and pretty pretty hallucinations!


  12. u got me hooked to that show vampire diaries lol, i'm home with my mom right now, and i might get a lil slow on posting. like i always say, just amazed how u deal with ur ED and ur sisters together. for me, i need to choose one, either just ED or human interaction... lol. i'll get used to it soon enough. /xo

  13. :)
    your posts always make me smile!

  14. wow i sure am glad i havent watched lost in FOREVER. lol that sounds like a big kick in the nuts to everyone who does follow it.
    cant say id do it differently though if i made the show, nothing better than letting down millions of people on purpose by killing everyone theyve loved(on t.v.) after years of loyalty. ahhh crushing dreams is fun!
    i do love me some bums and i FUCKING HATE IT when people are mean to them so im glad to hear your not the type to scream at them for no reason (like some people i knew). and im sure he didnt mind getting smelled by someone as gorgeous and wonderful as you :) aww damn it now im jealous that the bum got smelled by you and i didnt:( come smell me DAMN IT! ...well after i shower, i kinda smell like maple syrup and arm pits right now.
    stay strong

  15. OMG I couldn't believe the ending of Lost! WTF were they thinking?! Agh!

  16. I've effing missed you!!! So good to be back and read your words of (comic) wisdom. That post about your sister cracked me up. Mini-Zen in the making!

    I gave up on lost as soon as I found out they had 7 years worth of storylines planned out. No tv show that is based around 'what the hell will happen to them in the end?' can hold my attention in light of the fact that I will have to wait 7 years to find out. Ditto Prison Break. But now it's all done I may very well have an epic Lost Boxset saga spanning over several weeks. But if the finale is really that bad maybe I should not bother altogther...?


  17. p.s. I miss Alice. Even without being here to miss her. Just knowing she is gone and won't be there on my return was saddening enough :( If you have any insight into this mystery do let me know. And now it appears Lucille is AWOL too? Man we're drooping like flies! DON'T YOU FRIGGING DARE LEAVE ME R I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. I WILL.

  18. My roommate just got hooked on Lost last week. She and her guy have been watching episodes non-stop. I'm keeping my mouth shut and my eyes away. I don't want to get hooked on another TV show! I've got too many addictions already!

  19. I've never watched Lost before, but im sorry for your loss :)
    And because you're so friggin awesome I'll let you have Damon. Damn that man is FINE!
    hope you and your family are good
    *hugs and love*

  20. damn it zen! hurry up and come back. im lost without your wit and sarcasm in the morning. hell, i dont even need coffee to wake up when you post, your writing is enough to put a skip in my step...

    okay so that sounded incredibly lame and needy... who cares damn it! get back here soon so i can stop being such an emotional chick all the time!
    stay strong and i hope your safe and happy. :P

    p.s. i think you took my balls with you so make sure you pack those with you when you return.

  21. Missing you lovely, hope you are well

  22. I'm not sure where you disappeared to (maybe I missed something?!), but I just wanted you to know I miss your posts, that seriously do make me laugh out loud!

    Hope you are doing okay.


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