Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Dream of Being a Fat Ass

For the past few weeks I have been having "FAT" dreams.

I'm always NAKED too. It's ridiculous.

I'll get so enormous I cannot squeeze through doorways or fit into cars. I'm this butt-ass naked person running frantically around, trying like hell to find somewhere to hide.

And I usually have to pee.

I can never seem to find anything to cover up with. There are no fucking clothes anywhere. So I hold my hands over my boobs and vajajay. A lot of good that does with an enormous booty bouncing around as I run.

What pisses me off is that I am becoming seriously deprived of my sex dreams. Even if I hide under the covers, I can't get away with pouncing on a hot dude without him noticing my blubber oozing all over the place. Fucking imaginary guys are turned off by me!

Stupid subconscious. Ruining the only chance I have to get properly laid.

xoxo zen


  1. That sounds fucking horrible D:

    Hold me!

  2. Gotta love it when your worst fears are played out before you. Thank you for the humor.

  3. I keep having weird dreams recently. Dreams of everyone else being thinner than me. Dreams of eating and eating an not being able to stop. Dreams of being found with food slobber down my face. I think my subconscious is sending me a message. It is this: Stop the fuck stuffing your face fat pig!

    I miss sex dreams. Much better. Though even there my sunconscious intervenses-makes me dream about sexual encounters with ugly people; weird lecturers; members...?? Also rape dreams. Clearly I am one twisted fuck.

    Let's both tell our subconscious to fuck right off. I'm wishing for some hottie vamp dreams. Your usual helpless maiden getting ravished run-of-the-mill stuff. What are you wishing for? Sleep sweet xxx

  4. Well at least that'll put you off of eating! Ha, it must be a relief to wake up and see your body after all that. Your mind's working with your ED - ain't it beautiful?
    That video's disgusting. Yes, a coma would much be preferred.
    Well, I had a dream that a hot guy I know was naked under the covers, and then this old man walked in and told us to get out. N'aw.

  5. That video is gross!
    I would much prefer a coma :/

    Weird dreams are normally telling what not to do, I looked it up when I was having strange dreams.

    Don't be too scared of them, honestly, its only your subconcious telling you what it doesn't want to be like.

    Hope I helped a little,,
    Star~ x

  6. Well, you know..
    ..the only possible solution is getting laid for real!

    So get out of the house!!

    Love ya

  7. Oh DEAR!!! that's absolutely dreadful!!

    I haven't had a proper dream in weeks. PROBABLY because I haven't slept... oh well. c'est la vie right?


  8. Oh my! That sounds terrifying...
    I have dreams where I binge, and they are usually so vivid that I wake up and think that I've eaten. And then I hate myself, until I realize that I haven't actually eaten anything :)

    Go get yourself laid girl!

  9. i would hate to have those dreams..instead i have dreams where me hair falls out in massive amounts...pretty sure you're the winner of depressing nightmares though.

  10. yeah i never get laid in my sex dreams either. its like all the imaginary guys in head want to do is kiss ,when it comes down to getting naked they immitates my reality WAAAY to much.
    pfft fuck men, do what i do and become the old pervert with a vibrator that never leaves the house unless its to buy more batteries.
    stay strong


  12. get really, really drunk & just pass out - having no recollection of a dream is better than always having a fat dream, right?

  13. heeeyyy! :)
    gosh doesn't it suck that we cant control our dreams? when i get "laid dreams" it usually ends with me waking up at the best part with big load of frustration. we should both do something about that :)
    ang wow, i saw those pics you posted. YOU ARE STUNNING!
    and so young looking! like a teenager :) lucky you.
    *hugs and kisses*

  14. Zen, I love you.


  15. Ohmigodohmigod, the video.

    I have these dreams too. The only time I like my body is waking up after these dreams.

  16. i like your blog. =) please check out mine and follow if you wish:

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  18. omg we should totally let our little ones mate when theyre 25.
    no later than thirty though in case my son goes bald or something...
    and if they reproduce like rabbits then we can spend the rest of our lives helping them name their children weird shit like raisin bran and velveeta.
    ooh i like velveeta.
    just thinking about that greasy fake cheese gives me the shits.
    stay strong
    oh and i saw your picture for like 2 seconds the other day and i would KILL BAMBI for your hair.i mean it, i bring the baby deer, you bring the hair and lets do this transaction!

  19. I freaking looooove that website! Especially the starving tips!! Those are seriously soo helpful if only I could remember them all! You should go look up the "Jizz Diet". It's super funny cuz she always talks shit on how marraige makes people fat and how they should go on the Jizz Diet to loose the happy weight! Haha I love that website.. she updates about twice a day too. It's my homepage. Lol.

  20. That sounds like the worst nightmare EVER!!! How do you not wake up screaming and in cold sweats??? God, I hope these dreams stop soon!

  21. i get dreams like this too.
    only, not only am i fat, but bald :|

  22. ahhhhhwg this vid is so ew! looks like she is almost proud being MORBIDLY obese V.v

    thx for the congrats and yes I will think of going shopping since I do have nice summer clothes which are also my current size but when it gets colder again there is not much stuff I feel pretty in! and of course: shoooooooooes
    no matter if you gain or lose, they usually fit xD
    but one of the first things I am gonna allow myself with my new sideline job-money is a membership in our local gym in order to ton up!! *yaaaay* I have been looking forward to this for soooo long and in a few weeks I will finally be able to join one! =)

    so far I think i have only had one fat-dream. but dreams with guys in way more often..but usually the one I have a current crush on...apart from one weird sex/petting dream in a...uhm public swimming pool awg gtta stop this dream was to weird! I guess it is the virgin talking in me when admitting that in my "sexxual dreams" I am usually faced with affection ,flirts maybe eben some making out with boy XY but that's it. yep I sound like 15year-old although I turn 18 within about a month..myohmy xD

  23. PS: my horrible dreams often are about my teeth falling out or being rotten or simply looking horrible...or my family yelling at me because of my ED .. since MIA is my current best friend I should not be surprised about that,huh?

  24. That sounds very anxiety dream like. I have ones in a similar theme but mine involve having to attend a fancy social event (like a wedding or something) and somehow being separated from my entire wadrobe and in a panic having to run around crappy shops to find something appropriate. And failing. And everything going wrong. And then i start eating. Uncontrollably. And then all of a sudden i look down and my body has morphed back into what it used to look like. Arg!

    I'm slightly afraid to play the video. She looks like she has mold festering in her folds *shudder*

    Tanks for your encouraging comment honey, it was lovely to come back to so many wonderful things to reply to! For now, i'm actually enjoying not having a solid deadline or goal, rather i am focussing on the losing and making myself smaller. It's more fluid and i am feeling all optimistic and sunny :D The weather's fucking lovely too, lots of time in my awesome tiny shorts. What more could a girl ask for? :D

    Also, i have shared this with Elle, and i think your sense of humour will appreciate this too; a Sickipedia section entirely devoted to jokes about ED! Some of them are sheer genius;


  25. Eeee, thank you so much love. They're the saving grace i use to distract from my nonexistent torso.
    Really, medically speaking, i have an unnaturally small gap between the bottom of my ribcage and the top of my pelvis. But i'm mostly thankful for that as if i was in proportion, with legs this length i'd be stupidly tall. And i'm already 5'10".

    Hehe, i'm glad you liked the link, Sickipedia is an AWESOME website. Hours of amusement!


  26. I was going to say something insightful until that video derailed my thought train completely. Dear God.

  27. Haha oh my fucking God. I guess I shouldn't laugh at your horrible dreams, but seriously, what the hell that's scary.

  28. gosh. your comment made me cry. I've been waiting for this to happen. tears. I've been trying to cry for over three months now and you finally said the words that helped mel. waah.

    i miss you too.
    believe me, honey, i miss you too. i do.

  29. man that sucks my dreams are usually about me getting put down by all the people i know...weird.
    how did i go so long without reading your blog???
    It's so awesome and yes you are freaking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!
    stay strong
    i missed you!!

  30. I think it is your mind giving you aversion therapy.

    I know how you can beat your ED and still remain pretty and slender. Go to this site and use their metabolic calculator. it will show you exactly how much to eat to maintain any given weight.

    Foul language? Seeing as how I love slender women.

    Eat bite suck fuck gobble nibble chew
    Nipple bosom hair pie finger fuck screw.

    How's that?

    Great blog!

  31. OMG your dreams :O Mine usually are of me eating the forbidden foods (chocolate,sweets,fatty)
    You know but i've never had one like that!
    And that women Good God how could she let herself get that fat :O But I also couldn't stop laughing :/

  32. Oh! Thank God there's a benefit!


Use foul language if you love me...