Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Well slap me thrice and hand me to my mama.

The baby food diet is frigging adorable. Three days of the cleanse, lost 7lbs. Woot! Fuck you fad-diet haters.

I rarely eat any fruit or veggies. I'm like a bratty toddler. So baby food sounded pretty befitting my mental maturity. I can just grab one out of the fridge, it's already portion controlled, and the little smiley pictures on the containers make me happy.

Yes, I am using a big-girl spoon.

Why do babies always make that blech face when you try to feed them the veggies? If you pick up a mixture of peas carrots and tomatoes, its like a mushy casserole. It's delicious! Stupid babies.

Just shared an apple vanilla granola with my curious sister. She had asked wtf I was eating it for, told her it was baby food for grown ups.  She believed me.

So I have 2-3 containers 80 cal each, daily. Not bad for a cleansing fast. I also drink 8 oz water before and after. My goal is to do this for one week. Or until I hit a goal weightloss of 10lbs.

One concern... poo's are no longer solid. Have become a bit on the softer side. Hope shart's don't follow. Am too big for diapers.

Here's Abby kershaw sucking down a pouch of Ella’s broccoli pear + peas baby food. Doesn't she make it look so cute? And sexy as shit!

Found info on a very cool website Skinnygossip.com. Thanks Lund3on!



  1. Oh my god. That's so ironic. I was just listening to the television (not watching, just listening) talk about this diet and mock it.

    And I was like. WTF. I was on the baby food boat, like, fours years ago. Stuff is amazing.

  2. Wow, that diet sounds excellent. I don't know if I'm ready to try it though. I think I'd be judged less if I pureed my own veggies at home. lol Kershaw looks a bit like a brain-thirsty zombie in the full length pic. Admittedly, I don't think zombies would come any sexier.

    I love the NC-17 rating on the side. It totally cracks me up.

    Do you know who loves fisting?

    SOCK PUPPETS! (I thought you'd appreciate that one. I <3 Daniel Tosh.)


  3. Sharting is just as fabulous as passing out backstage at a fashion show following a 3 day cocaine and rice cake binge.


  4. Haha I haven't heard the word 'shart' in years! I choked on my water when I read that.

    On another note, might have to give the baby food diet a go!

  5. oh shit, someone else found the secret!
    I'm kidding, but often I live on apple "composte" for a week or so. The amazing thin is, although is low in calories and no sugar added, it really satisfies your craving for sweets!!


  6. i actually did consider this once ...received numerous funny looks off le parents though as i studied the nutrition content on neeps and tatties.

    hmmm, may ignore said funny looks this time though. since it's going so well for ya.


  7. that's fucking amazing!! congrats.

    I love the granola/cereal fruit combos, but never followed a baby food diet, maybe it will be part of my next plan.


  8. Holy shit, I really wish I had thought of that. I have a 15 month old that just started eating solids. I so could have gotten away with that just a few months ago!!! But I think that now my husband might wonder why I was buying baby food again.

  9. interesting! i like that its portion controlled. if i were to make my own i'd eat more than i should. 7 lbs already lost? YAY for baby food!
    btw, i <3 you

  10. Hahaha I love that Website! Isn't it amazing!! It cracks me up too when she talks shit about... Jessica Simpson! She's all "And lord knows she needs it" cuz she was walking to a gym or something! haha anyway.. I should start this baby food diet thing! Sounds fun! I was eating baby food for a while cuz they're so cheap and low cal.. but I only get the fruit ones. You said the carrots ones are good? I'm scared! Lol. I don't like veggies and I just feel like it's gonna be full of bland grossness when I eat anything besides the fruits. Lol. I get the banana strawberry apple i think .. or something like that. WalMart has them super cheap.. for like a dollar or something.. I should go stock up!

    They have so many pics of Abbey on that website too! She's so hot~! I love her!

  11. thank you for trying to keep me on the straight, and telling me when im being bad. especially since my warped little mind says its good. i really appreciate it.
    *hugs and kisses*

  12. OOO i like it!
    i'm gonna try it! now how does this work exactly? is there any specific brand that i'm supposed to be eating? like can i eat the fruit things and the meaty things?

    i love the apple, banana, passion fruity kinda jars of baby food but i'm not so sure about the real food, that has veggies and meat in it ?? :/
    but i guess if your starving it's good.

    i'm gonna try it!! 3 a day .. that should work :D LOVE U!

  13. OMG I fully didn't notice that! Ya know. . . I think she did 0.0 (I don't think the yellow suited her much anyway. She should wear cool colours.)

    Your post made me giggle uncontrollably. I'll cross my fingers for a lack of sharts (I've never heard that term before XD Good ol' number 3s.)

  14. Oh, I love the new look of your blog!

  15. hey zen!
    nope my parents are not receiving counsellling,apart from c who sees a therapist now and then and has been seeing her for a few years because of different reasons. she mentioned she had talked to her already because it bothers her so much etc. I told her i would give her a book I have borrowed from our library because I think it explains really well my struggles and problems and the underlying reasons for bulimia. hopefully she will read it really carfully and use its content for the future...
    hm..I have alway been considered as a mature person though atm I feel neither mature nor strong...at least not when I am at home...when I am nin public ,of course, the perfect Mina is on display acting almost flawless her role!

  16. If it's good enough for Abbey...

    I always end up leering at the baby food aisle in the pharmacy. They sound so delicious! I wish it was more socially acceptable to start chowing down on a pot in public, that'd be lunch sorted. Maybe Abbey is a sign of times a changin'.

    You always astound me with your humgongous losses. You must be about 20lbs by now. How's the flappy ass doin? x

  17. My wisdom teeth are bother me and are about to come out. I"m going to convince everyone eating baby food is the only thing I can do, that and fat free yogurt, yum! I was holding steady at 125-127 about to make me way down to 120 and then the drunchies hit followed by fourth of july partying.

    I miss my fav. bloggies.

    I had my first sex dream. Blew my mind, literally ended in orgasm.

    Keep posting !

    <3 Friskipiski

  18. I think I just drooled over your new header for a good 5 minutes - so hot!

    steal the plan, do it! I stood in the baby food isle for a while today, I think next week I'm going to eat baby food for the 3 days of 'fasting' in hopes of the quality nutrients doing something for my metabolism :)

  19. wow i am COMPLETELY blind because i didnt notice the new headline on your blog till i read the last comment lol.
    and who says your too old for diapers?! hell i say im too LAZY to be potty trained! pfft who the hell needs the toilet anyways. its always either wet from someone elses piss or the lid is up and you fall in. and dont even get me started on how gross it is when some nasty chick leaves her blood soaked vagina plug floating in the water. (i mean really, how hard is it to push the lever and flush a tampon?). i say skip the long lines and messy toilets and jump right into the fluffy butted diaper look. LONG LIVE ADULT DIAPERS! (i started out kidding but i think i just convinced myself to invest in diapers lol)
    and that baby food diet sounds awesome! im going to go out tomorrow and buy some empty baby food jars and make my own baby food. i think i would trust my own pureed crap :P then again im always afraid of bugs getting ground up in the mix at those big companies.
    stay strong

  20. i've done this before, when i needed to loose a few extra kilograms.
    it worked wonders.
    excellento my dear.

  21. Oh me oh my!! Have we met? I'm new round these parts, blogging to help work out the ED(NOS/ana-ish) issues, plus you all are so lovely and the writing on yours and other blogs is so wonderful!

    Baby food sounds awesome. I'm going to puree a huge bag of frozen peas and mix them with different spices. DIY Baby Food, lol.

    ALSO yes Lund3on is right about Skinny Gossip, she writes a damn good/pretty silly blog. Esp. those "I bet her thighs touch" entries. Yikes! Wonder if she's got a blogspot?
    Anyway nice to meet ya
    xxxooo Eva

  22. baby food diet? wow that must be working for u really great! i don't care if it's a fad, people hate it, blah, blah, anything to lose weight - i'll do it lol. i don't think i'll be posting much til Sept 1... kinda stressed out to the max right now, and looking at weight is not helping.. so u go girl, keep on losing, keep on posting, and ttyl. /xo

  23. IIII just wanted to let you know that I think you're effing hilarious and I really appreciate/admire your humor/writing in general. Basically, you're awesome and I love your blog.

  24. that's awesome!!! when my kid still had baby food if she didn't like it i'd finish it...to bad at that time i was HUGE and still ate my food too...i've considered it also if it's to bland just throw on salt and pepper, it works wonders!!!

  25. Great blog! You had awesome results on the baby food diet! I've been doing some research and I, along with a few of my readers are going to do the baby food diet and document our progress on my site. Did you only eat baby food? Any solid food at all? I know some of the diets call for baby food and then one low calorie meal for dinner. I'm trying to tailor the perfect baby food diet to give it a try. Thanks for your help :)


    ~ Skinny Gurl


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