Monday, July 08, 2013

So I finally find a man

With someone I've never even met. He lives in Belgium. I cannot even touch him.
What the hell is my stupid brain doing to me? This is agony.
Oh god he IS beautiful though.
He is half way around the fucking globe. This is futile.
I am determined to fail at love, and these are the lengths my stupid heart is willing to go to ensure my defeat.

On a happy note... my sister moved back in with me! Her douche bag of a boyfriend threw her lap top at her head! It missed, hit the wall, shattering the touch screen... gulp. Dude can call her ugly names, txt his skanky ex-girlfriends, but don't ever fuck with her stuff. That is a No-fucking-No!
As soon as she turned 18 she was like "buh-bye zen". Now only a couple months later, she got the balls to leave him and is back with me where she belongs. *grin*
I even cleaned the whole house so she would feel comfy.

I missed you guys. This is my comfy place. Here is a smexy picture for ya ;)



  1. did you fall in love with Stromae? lol
    (tu etais formidable! j'etais fort minable!)

    who's this matthew giuy anyway?

  2. OMG I've missed your posts Zen.
    A small giggle in a sea of misery it would seem sometime.

    Hope everything goes well with your baby sis, and hope your teen sis doesn't drive you crazy moving back in!

  3. Omg have I missed you or WHAT!

    Ugh, now I have a REAL LIFE angsty love story to worry over. At least in the end of it a friend and not a fictional character will be happy ^.^

    If he ever tries anything even remotely violent in her direction ever again I'll weight up a few juggling clubs and come visiting.

    That picture. . . i can't even! Help, I'm dying! XD


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