Monday, October 07, 2013

Fuck Love.

My latest relationship just ended. 
5 months and 6 days after the day it began.

I was sure I'd NEVER hear from him again.

So we ended up talking for 2 hours, some of it spent in awkward silence. I still had no idea of the status of our relationship. 
It was really weird. 
So to test the waters and see if he still cared about me, I asked if we could still be friends.
He said "Yes, of course".

That was my answer. Friends.

Today he called me again on Skype to chat like normal, like nothing was different. He said he still wants to hear my voice, talk daily like always. 
But. We are just friends.

I am NEVER caring about someone again. I always new it was an insane concept for me. I suck at it.

Not crying, just feel empty.


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