Saturday, October 12, 2013

You're not cool unless you pee your pants

Have completed week one of the liquid fast and the results are lovely. Am down 8lbs! Yesh! 
Omg how I love fasting. You know your fasting good when...

- you pee constantly
- you get the urge to pee and feel thirsty at the same time
- you actually have to run to the bathroom to pee after drinking water
- you cannot go through the entire night without waking to pee
- you pee out your bum!

Yeah, even the water-poo makes me happy. 
It makes me smile cause I know there's only water in meh!

Oh and yeah, I did drink the beer btw. How the fuck else was I supposed to get rid of it? 
Going for week two now!

xoxo ♥


  1. Fuck I miss that. I work or have training every day so I can't afford the water-induced peetimes :( I dislike stress urinary incontinence at the Gym. Leads to bladder problems later n life.

    Buying pretty things. . .does buying pretty things in online games count?

    Miles wants to help me apply for writer grants. Who knows, maybe a publisher will like my shit enough so that I can get paid to make shit up for a living? (Dream big, right?)

    Love you Zen <3

  2. so back you are back writing
    I missed you


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