Friday, September 10, 2010

PERSONAL stuff you must know

Thank you my lovelies, Violet, Ell, Luna, Lund3on, and the beautiful Madz who started it all... HERE. I wish I could give one back to each of you, as punishment for making me do all this work.

Things I LOATH:
1) Feet They are gross, fungus laden, sweaty, and toenails can even cut you. Yet there are some freaky people that like to suck on them. Keep your feet the hell away from me when I'm eating or I will stab you with my fork.
2) Haters Angry people are toxic. They annoy me. I don't hate them.
I just really really really fucking dislike them, and sometimes want to punch them in the face.
3) Dicks who ignore wildlife while driving There will be a bunch of pigeons on the road and they plow right through. I'd love to see one of those assholes in a crosswalk... oopsie, sorry dude, thought you'd scurry away faster than that.

Things I LOVE:
1. Tailgaters I like to tap my brakes to scare the shit out of them. Sometimes I slow waaaay down for them. I could drive for miles at a snails pace. Oh so fun. *snicker*
2. Jason Statham... a HOT as fuck! Num num num.
3. I guess I should also include my dog, but honestly, she still grosses me out with all her slobbery ass chewing.
4. The Moon I have always been in love with it. A harvest moon is my favorite.

Winners... If you already got one, just pass it along. This helps us all discover other interesting bloggers.

MaryJane - My sexy little foul mouthed vixen. You totally speak my language. I would love to see your answers to this quiz.
Margg - Such an awesome mind. I'd curse a lot less if I were even a fraction as articulate as you... But I gotta work with what I've got. You're writing is beautiful love.
Kelly  - You deserve the shit out of this. I saw this show last night, and hot damn this chic is KICK-ASS. She immediately reminded me of you. Can't wait till you get your tat!



  1. Words cannot express how honored I am - you think I'm THAT kick ass?!?!

    talk about making my fucking day!

    Oh, Jason Statham *swoon* - soo hot & feet are gross

    all my love!!

  2. I'm in love with the moon too, beautiful blog

  3. oh love, this is delicious.
    how hotttttt is jason statham?!
    i think, i may start drooling.

    you more than deserve all those awards.

    i am incredibly humbled, that you've given me one of these.
    thank you :)

  4. Oooh Jason Statham is yummy!

    I love playing with tailgaters, too. There's no need to get that close to my rear end when I'm going the speed limit or over it. Brake checks are often necessary. :D

  5. you putting me in the same category as Nikita made me go run a few miles in the rain because I thought, if I really was badass a little rain shouldn't be an excuse to skip my workout :)


  6. I really fucking love driving really fucking slow in front of some fucking asshole who wants to fucking drive to fucking fast. It fucking gives a fucking sense of fucking power that tells the whole fucking would that I am fucking large and in fucking charge.

  7. Fat Bastard, I fucking love you too ;)

  8. you live in hudson?

  9. Nope I do not live in hudson

  10. Zen I love you soooooo much that I have some reverse thinspo fir you

    When you see these big bimbos you will only eat veggies because veggies are what food eats.

    I love skinny bitches!

  11. Nikita looks so interesting!!! She's so freaking perfect, BITCH!


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