Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Found My Balls

I've been such a mess girls. It is not at all in my nature to fall apart like this. I am the kind of girl who got mugged, then joked about it later with the cops. 

As most of you know I am the guardian of my sisters. Last week, the loser-father of my baby sister decided to have a visit.  She see's him about once a month. She doesn't like him much though. Uh, probably cause of the seething-bloody-crusty-oozing-noxious-fumes he exudes. Yum.

When he brought her back. He simply say's "I'm gonna keep her for awhile". What? As I reached for her door handle, he got back in and locked the car doors. She began frantically trying to get out and started crying. 

I knocked on the window and told him to open the fucking door. Did I mention his girlfriend was in the passenger seat... NOT looking at me. Hmm. Perhaps it was because she knew I wanted to do this...

I yelled for him to get the fuck out and talk to me. What the hell?! The tot was hysterical by now. OMG! I was not about to let them leave, so I blocked the fucking car and began yelling for someone to call the police.

He got out and was speaking calmly. Oh I hate people who do that. Who fight with you calmly. Mock you calmly. Say venomous things calmly. He said she was perfectly fine. And that I was making things worse by overreacting. OVER reacting would have been picking up a brick, breaking the damn window... or his head for that matter.

His girlfriend was still in there, staring straight ahead. I slammed my hand against the window and said a word I have never said before. A word I loathe. It came out fluidly. "Open the door you CUNT!"

Finally, after an hour and 45 minutes the police had shown up. I don't know what to expect from him next, but I am not going to let that fucktard bully us again.

I am ashamed of myself for being such pussy this past week. But I am done with my pity-party. I am going to finally take a fucking shower, contact an attorney, and kick that mother fucker in his Angry Inch. Lucille LeSeur, dig the movie ref? 

Takes a pretty small pecker to kidnap a 5 year old. A real man would try working out custody issues in an entirely different manner.


Thank you lovely PD for letting my cry on your cyber shoulder last night (in your time zone). I love you soooooo much!!! Yes, in the kinkiest manner possible. Unfortunately I live far far away and cannot run over there and hug the hell outta you.


  1. Ugh, what a prick...how dare he try and take your wee sister. Hope it all gets sorted out soon and he doesn't bother you again. You'll get it sorted, i can tell ;) xoxo

  2. Grrr! this makes me so angry. poor kid, i hope she's not too damaged. peyton is right, you'll sort it out. and kick his effing ass in the process i hope. stay strong, your sisters need you. mwah
    ps, we're always here when you need to rant and rave.

  3. Well, cunt seems to describe him marvellously. I actually quite like the word, i mean in certain situations - like that one - nothing else would work QUITE as well, right?

    Well done for finding your balls, you go girl!

    I really can't pull off saying that, can i? This might be better; We should go around his house and smash him in the face with a brick.


  4. I have so much respect for you, for standing up for a child, for standing up for what you believe in. Can you file for sole custody?

    She deserved to be called a cunt if she sits there and allows a crime to be committed. It also makes her an accomplice. I would keep the police on speed dial if I were you.

  5. zen it never ceases to amaze me how much ass you kick. i think you did the right thing, all you hear about now a days is how dead beat parents are stealing the child and then a month later bam , the kid is sold into prostitution or worse.(i have a really morbid mind though, doubt that would happen in this situation) just because his baby fluids managed to crawl into a uterus 5 yrs ago does NOT make him a dad , its just too bad he's too fucking stupid to realize that and let your sister live happily with you.its going to be a hard fight since nowadays judges are stupid and seem to think that DNA matters more than the quality of life for the little ones but i believe you'll win. i know from personal experiance how tramatic it can be to have 2 parents fighting over you so im glad she has you there to comfort her.

    (the word cunt makes me giggle... we dont hear it enough in these parts) wow i just sounded like a complete hillbilly.. :P

    and hey if he starts shit again we can just all form an angry mob of ana's and chase him out of town like they did on frankenstein. i'll bring the torches and pitch forks!

    stay strong girl,

  6. Pffssshh what a douche, I'm glad you got her back away from him. I don't think you're a pussy :-)

  7. wow! that was awesome! ur reaction was so much tougher than what i would have done (cry like a baby?)
    yay! i hope he doesnt bother u any further!

  8. I didn't know you looked after your little sisters.

    You totally did the right thing, kids need to have a home they feel safe in and can count on always being there. Him taking her away would ruin all that for the poor kid.

    Glad it's all working out. Get that lawyer on his ass!

  9. you rockkkkk.
    rawk even.

  10. zen you are effing superwoman. I would've shat myself and ran around like a headless chicken on fire i.e not knowing what the hell to do. Well done. Hope there's no more baby dady drama to come.

    Oh and I thought you would've loved the word cunt.Perhaps I' better be more cautious with my useage, it's one of my favourites. One guy once told me that I was 'disgusting' for using for using it and that girls shouldn't be 'allowed'. What a fuckin c****

    Anyway hope you're ok lovely

    <3 <3 <3

  11. wtf is wrong with that guy? he obviously cannot keep her under his custody, he lost her, and u are def more responsible and sane than him. mad respect to u girl. he should just leave u and ur kid sister alone and go mess around with the deaf girlfriend of his. good job zen, good job. hope u can keep ur sister safe, and make sure YOU stay safe too. /xo

  12. Obviously I don't know the situation but I AM SIDING WITH YOU. This is insane. You seem like you have a lot to be responsible for, and to have to deal with this on top of it? I'm so sorry. And I wish I lived in Paris (also because my BFF lives there) so I could help a sister out; because I have younger siblings and have had my fair share of babysitting gigs over the years. I'm sorry you've had to go through this alone.
    And I LOVE THIS MOVIE REFERENCE. Especially because (like a total nerd) my first tattoo is Hedwig related. Guh, I'm a nerd. Be well, lovely.

  13. You deserve this, lady: http://zoetenarcissen.blogspot.com/2010/05/beautiful-blogger-award.html

  14. Not the toilet paper part, but I sometimes tilt my head down and watch as globs of blood and bodily materials fall out of my vagina. It fascinates me to no end.

    I'm disgusting.

  15. In light of everyone giving awards, I hereby give you the "appropriate usage of the world cunt" award. Congrats!!! haha

  16. Pooping is an integral part of my day and I take great pride in the bowel movements I create.

  17. I love your blog, miss. I must say, I think we may have been born on the same cloud. Anyway, I'm Lund3on [London] you should check out my blog, I follow yours now!

  18. Zen lovely I gave you an award (different to the beautiful blogger, tho you may choose that if you wish) because I think you're crap and boring. Obviously.

    Much love-age xx

  19. Aww, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hate the silent rattle snakes. Their venom is the worst. This reminds me of the time my dad came to our apartment when we were free and he was drunk and I came home and he was on the porch drunker than drunk and trying to talk my mom who was also drunk into comeing back and they talked forever and a half sometimes angry sometimes not and Crying my mom was and I was and at times my sister and He was so drunk and she wanted him to sleep on our couch. Basterds not alowed to sleep on my couch when he tried to beat me before and he did beat you. No fucking way, oh and the cops and security showed up because we had nieghbors in our nice little cabbin comunity. Fuck him. I hate men who try and just take what they don't have the responsability to take. And a 5 year old. If it was my sister I would have freaked out. I wish I had custady of my little sister exept she is 11 a preteen and believes mommy and daddy will live forever more undivorced and may or may not be right but I wish she were not. Well i love you. Thank you for all your lovely support. and yes, without the blogs we would be lonley lonely lonely as fucking fuckidy fuck. <3's forever. -Katie

  20. Tell me you saw last night's episode of VD.

  21. I noticed your comment on Summer's blog. Hey, you got to meet me too Zen-y Wen *snuffle*

    Sorry, I do realise I'm being like a clingy annoying girlfriend. I hate those types. Perhaps my way of avoiding it is by being a clingy annoying friend instead. Sucks for you.


  22. Ohhh my gosh. Seriously? I can't believe people pull shit like that.

    Anyone who would fucking abduct a child (doesn't matter if they are the biological parent--in these cases, it's actions and not genes that count) should not be allowed near that child. Ever.

    I obviously don't know the custody arrangements, but he sure as hell should not have the privilege of interacting with his daughter anymore. In fact, I'd be in favor of a restraining order to keep him away.

    Oooh this sort of shit makes me angry. :/

  23. Thank you so much for my award :)
    I just wanted to say well done for standing up to him. He obviously does not have your sister's best interests at heart and I hope you kick his sorry ass into touch. As you say, a real man would sort it out differently. And your sister must have been so scared :(
    <3 x x x

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