Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They aren't even old enough to lick butts yet.

Today baby had a few of her little friends over to play.

I was walking by and stopped outside her door to listen for a bit cause they were giggling so fricken adorably.

Apparently she made up a game called "potty-time".
When asked what time it is, you have to answer with dirty words.

Here are a few of the creative answers I heard...
it's poop o'clock
it's pee o'clock
it's weenerstomper o'clock (wow, not sure what time that is)
it's lickerbutt o'clock (liquor butt... or... lick her butt?)
it's buttmonkey o'clock (ha)
it's pootylickbuttassboogerfuckshiteater o'clock (ok game over kiddies)
Can ya guess which ones I heard come from the mouth of  innocent little baby? 
Hint... every one she made up had the word "lick" in it.

I don't know where the fuck she gets this shit from.

Cute game though.

For those concerned about my "parenting" skills, I do punish her whenever she calls me a fat ass. 



  1. haha - that's hilarious

    I remember my friend's little sister would get angry and call yell, 'you bitch-ass' - loved it then, still makes me laugh now

  2. hahaha I love it! Ps... wow, I hadn't even realized how far you've come so quickly! That's insanely admirable.


  3. hahaha adorable =) cuteness

  4. I miss Alice too.

    But regardless, this was hilarious.
    I too am a terrible influence on younger siblings, last sunday I had to gag my brother as he tried to explain a nun joke to ... a nun. What a genius that boy is.

  5. I bet all your followers read that title and were like; "I'm sorry, WHAT?!"
    Cos I was ;)

    I would like some more sake fasting escapdes please :)

  6. Teehee, amused smiles all round

    i was such an innocent kid incomparison :P


  7. Tell her to watch her fucking mouth!


  8. Ahaha! That seems like it would make for an interesting YouTube clip. That's actually somewhat normal, considering I knew basically every swear word by the time I was six (thank you, daycare).


  9. This cracked me up. I remember my friend's little sister used to call us random, hilarious names like these. Good memories.

  10. haha LMAO! kids are so cute!!!

  11. Haha. I won't eat tomorrow. Juuuust for you. Okay.. tiny fib. For you AND for these fat rolls around the belly. Let's DO THIS SHIT.


  12. yea, when alice's blog started blurting at me: nonexistent, all i could say was wtf. and ur sisters - they seem to be the one making u smile, laught, worry, get stressed out... keeping u busy! /xo

  13. *smiles*
    she sounds so cuuute!

  14. Okay, wow, but aww it's cute it's cute. It's like a ear wax flavored jelly bean. eww but umm cute yes. No one questions your parentig skills. At least your around enough to catch these things. My parents bolth worked full time jobs when I was little so I was always the independent child and when my little sister got old enough to be home with me and be quite I was the independent child baby sitting her baby sister while still in elamentry school. She sounds like a trouble maker but I bet she makes an amazing person. Ha, I didn't know the thing about the 7 cals from the PE girls dirty habit and I bet they don't eighther. My CW is 145. I haven't moved that number for a long time now. Partialy because I've been naughty and partialy because I don't know why.

  15. augh.
    i'm so glad my little brother has grown out of that.

    he used to call everyone a poo face.

  16. Don't worry! i'll never quit until I'm there. It's just taking longer than I expected! I'm not meeting goals like I was before.. I'm actually really behind.. But I won't quit! I will be skinny! Lol.

  17. OH EM GEEEE, I can't believe I did that! Ok, I fixed my post, and I even made your name teal :D

  18. Hahahaha ! OMG this blog is so funny! Kids are really interesting! Haha.


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