Monday, May 03, 2010

Got Fleas

Rosie Hat is disgusting. 
She has fleas. Apparently she is just too retarded to handle it.
I have sprayed the floors, bathed the dog, put that gel stuff on her back...
REtreated the apartment, REbathed the dog, put more of that gel on her back (about 4 times now). 
Yet she still chews her ass. Constantly. Feverishly. NONstop. 

She is a pug and unfortunately she has the issue of snorting snoring spitting spraying and slobbering. When she chews on her ass, it sounds wet and sloppy like she is eating a big piece of raw meat.
I want to kick her. 

She sits at my feet to chew her ass. She sits on the couch to chew her ass. She sits on my pillow to chew her ass. I have to turn on the radio to sleep because her ass-chewing is so loud. 

I no longer look at her cute ears bouncing along as she trots around the house. I look at her butt hole. Yes. I only see a walking ass... the nasty ass that she chews on 24 hours a day. I don't want a dog anymore.

Oh and I've been eating, NONstop, like a fucking cow. It's Rosie's fault.

xoxo zen

johnstonbee, I'll reply to your tag questions next post...been thinking of fun answers for ya.


  1. poor Rosie. i feel bad for you having a walking ass as a pet but this post still made me laugh...i apologise.

    i had a cat called Rosie, except Rosie wasn't really a Rosie. She was a boy...hmm, vet's just aren't trained the same these days.

    yes, blame another creature for your eating...i always do that, seriously no joke.


  2. This made me laugh pretty hard. I read it aloud to my coworker. I think you just made my day.

  3. Rosie reminds me of Yuhmeko (our female dog). Constantly. Chewing. The. Ass.

    Drives me and Che nuts as she sheds hair like some sort of cancer-ridden canine. Seriously, I take one breath of air in the room where they sleep and I almost choke to death on dog hair.
    So when she scratches/chews, it's a hair festival.

    I feel your pain.

  4. hehe. oh zen, you always make me laugh... rosie sounds adorable. well, mostly. i never own pets (furry ones, i love reptiles) because when it's someone else's, you look at it and go 'awww, how cute' but you just know, owning it would be such a bitch. lol. she sounds so uncomfortable! chewing on your ass all the time has GOT to be annoying, especially if it's annoying merely to the people who listen to it.

    aaah. love you.

  5. XD this made me laugh
    I'm sorry she has fleas and you've to have a walking ass as a pet, as sunshine said
    hopefully they're gone soon

  6. This made me smile, and then laugh because i thought it was funny!
    poor doggy, maybe it takes time for the fleas to die off?

  7. ahhh fleas suck!my cat had fleas (before he perished to a bowl full of anti freeze left out by my mom). it took forever to get rid of them. i tried the vinegar water solution and sprayed that crap everywhere. then i went to sprinkling borax where he had slept.and then leaving bowls full of water under a nightlight in every room in the house (home remedies suck!)
    him leaving the house didnt even fix the problem! finally winter came and the fleas died off,but it helped that i had vaccuumed twice a day for 2 weeks along with ample vinegar water dousings. we still see one every now and then and that cat has been dead and gone since november! i love animals but i seriously hate having pets. too much hassle.
    on the ass chewing.. i would probably give my ass alittle chew every now and then if i could reach it...(im still really meaty in the booty department..)
    stay strong girl, i missed reading your blog while i was gone.

  8. lol poor Rosie, it must itch like hell. hopefully it'll clear up soon

  9. Thanks for the 'mom advice' - I think you're right and I'm being a bit silly, I actually took them with food tonight and didn't feel sick or anything, and I managed to stay under 700 cals for the day :)

    Sorry to hear about Rosie - hope the fleas go away soon xxx

  10. damn that fcking sucks... go take a walk to the park or something, feed some squirrels to get your mind of the ass-chewing dog. too bad she's constantly chewing her ass though... egh, so much work for u too! hopefully those fleas will change their mind and migrate to some other dog tomorrow... /xo

  11. So sorry to hear about Rosie! So, being a vet student and all, here goes. She may have developed a flea bite hypersensitivity, meaning that even one flea bite will set her off like a rocket. And those fleas are hard suckers to get rid of, so it may take a while for her to stop ass-biting, because it only takes the one bite. I would honestly suggest vacuuming every day, as much as that sucks. Another thing it could be now, is a behavior issue. Rosie may have liked chewing her butt so much during her bout with the fleas that now she doesn't want to stop even though the fleas are gone. That will be harder to deal with, but you can try enrichment, like a couple of really cool new toys, more exercise and walks, stuff like that. I hope Rosie feels less itchy soon!


  12. augh.

    i feel sorry for you :(

  13. thanks for the comment. i try to stay off the laxitives or a bit.

    sry but your post made me laugh so so hard. really :D
    however i hope rosie will stop biting her ass

    About the nonstop eating:nothing tastes as good as thin feels
    i know that everyone says it but well it is true


  14. Aw, try taking her to a vet?
    Idk , never had a dog, used to have a canari but it lost it's head. :/

  15. oh& yesss. I should be posting a pic tomorrow. :)

  16. I've had those days. And I don't get hangovers.. when I'm drinking incredibly expensive champagne only. I need to marry a rich old man. It really would solve all my problems. Sorry to hear about the thinking about/wanting to die and the loud butt chewing. Be well otherwise skinny missus.

  17. anal glands probably need to be squeezed.


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