Friday, February 19, 2010

Bitchy witch week

A chocolate Hershey bar was looking at me last night when I stopped at the grocery.
I looked over at it and thought "what? I don't even like you, your boring, plain, any other candy bar is better than you".

Then I saw the sign, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Hmmm, that was bad. 

For some ungodly reason I meandered toward the little basket. 
They weren't just single bars either, they were those packs of like 8! 
Then I touched one! ...I think I may have even picked it up slightly.

Luckily I snapped out of my trance, and baked away slowly acting all nonchalant. I felt guilty and embarrassed. 
What if someone saw me? 
I must have looked pretty psychotic... like I wanted to make-love to, and then KILL the chocolate.

Fast forward two hours later. Sitting on my couch, watching a movie. I started craving those damn Hershey bars again. I'd had a glass of wine ...which severely weakens my resolve, on an empty stomach, so I couldn't drive back to the store.

I offered my friend $100 dollars to go get me some chocolate. Yes. I am THAT pathetic.
She said no (because she's a lazy bitch).

Then I woke up to a surprise this morning... YAY... I haven't lost my mind. It was just hormones. Phew. 
WTF though?! I usually have other symptoms like weepiness, or sore boobs. 
Nope, just wanted that damn chocolate.

xoxo zen


  1. hahaha that picture is priceless!
    great job on being strong enough to walk away from the chocolate.
    im always trying to convince C to go out and get me something fattening and gross (like chocolate pie lol).
    stay strong

  2. omg i had that same thing! though it's not that time for me, the damn boring hershey chocolate bar... i gave in. i bought that mini fun-size hershey bar pack. i ate bout 5 already today... so i decided to give away the rest. i just gave all away to my classmates. glad ur friend is lazy haha. ugh, damn hersheys. funny cartoon btw, awesome! /xo


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