Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tempting Fate

Have you ever have a good day and but put off blogging because you are afraid you'll jinx it?

It's like, "hey I won the lottery"... only to find out it was a gag scratch off. 
I bought one for my mom once. She thought she had won a bazillion dollars. She started screaming, then crying. When she saw my horrified face, she offered to split it with me... oh gawd!
On the back, the fine print tells the "winner" how to collect their winnings (in a very insulting manner).

Well, here it is... I have been binge free for 2 days now. Probably not to amazing to most of you, but I have been so out of control with my eating the last couple months. This is very exciting, a sign that I am ready to get back on track. Finally taking steps in the right direction.

Yesterday I had my usual morning coffee. Drank lots of water, and then by dinner time I realized I had not eaten all day. I actually had to sit there and think very hard about it, trying to recall. It was weird (I am weird). Same thing happened today. Only coffee and water. Have lost about 3lbs of water weight. I know that because of all the fricken peeing.

Oddly, I do have indigestion tho. WTF. An empty stomach is usually blissful. But I just keep burping. Very classy, I know. My fingers and toes are frozen. I have to bundle up to keep warm. No one else is cold. I'ts just me, and I LOVE it.

But even as I make this post, a tiny voice is screaming "noooo, don't do this, as soon as you say it out loud"... or in this case write it down... "you will jinx it". I'm afraid I will go to the damn fridge and PIG out like I do every night.

Visualization. That's what I will do! I will visualize my tight-foxy self getting laid. Yep, you heard me. Sex is the best motivator for me. I'm such a slut. 



 xoxo zen


  1. Haha, what an amazing picture! I love it!

    I do understand what you mean about jinxing yourself, but on the flip side, you will get so much encouragement to keep it up, like all the wonderful words I have been getting from you and other lovelies like you. It is such a motivator to do even better the next day, because I know you are all cheering me on :) It could work the same way for you!

    So, keep going, girl! You totally have it, you have your control! If anyone would understand what an accomplishment going two days without binging is, it would be us! That is AWESOME!! Keep it up!

  2. def know what ur talking about, the jinxing and all. huh, and i had that experience once really terribly, ur fingers and toes getting really cold - i had no idea it was cos of indigestion. well i learned something new. and good for u for not binging! i binged today, not as bad as my usual binges, but still, a binge is a binge. ah... tough. /xo

  3. hey darling, good work on being binge free! thats awesome! every day is another step closer to reaching your goals. hope the rest of your week is as good as the past two days =)


  4. woooh that bloke's sexy!
    hey sex as a motivation? That's actually ... ^^ haha. Not very unusual I guess. I dunno. It doesn't motivate me - mainly because I can live without it - but i'm pretty sure those who do have sex want to look good so there you go. I'm absolutely sure that sex is one of the main motivations. Haha.

    Oh i know what you mean, when you have to think about it because it's so "new" to find out that you ve not eaten. But it's a good feeling isn't it? There you go, keep going my love!
    Also - 2 days binge free is AMAZING!
    I know what you're talking about. I can starve myself for days and I'm all proud but as soon as I stuff my face I know I'll do it again the next day. Its fuckin hard to stop a binge and "another day" does not make it easier, so well done! I find it always very hard to stop eating. It's easier to keep going when you're doing okay with the food.


  5. Hey,
    I dont have much to say for myself right now but wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog :) xx

  6. Lol, yeah I'm like that sometimes, and Oh my, how evil you were to your poor mother!

    Also, noticed on your profile you're in Paris. I'm green with jealousy. Damn you, Zen, damn you.

  7. lol
    i just set that picture as my backround. C is going to be sooo freaked out.
    i completely get why your so happy about 2 days without binging. i think 2 days is the longest ive ever gone without a binge (and that was like , weeks ago)lol. keep up the good work, its total thinspiration to read your blog and comments. if it werent for your light hearted-ness we would all be stuck in a pit of DOOM!
    ..err , or just some sort of depressed stupor....

    and i hate stupor!
    stay strong

  8. hahahahahahahahahaha
    omg is that you in the picture *whistles* heyyy sexxxyyyyy wanna get it onnnn lol
    xDDDD hehehehehhehehehehehe
    i love your blog xDDD
    (ps, ill gladly mail you diet cherry dr pepper :)
    stay strong<3333

  9. hahahaha i once fell for a gag scratchie.. which was very very embarassing considering i work in a newsagent and i was extremely drunk at the time.. im still yet to live it down haha i started promising people everything it was hilarious, gotta admit.

    haha he's sexy as! id take him home annnnyyyyyday ;) hahahahahaha.

    well done on the two days binge free wooooooo!


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