Wednesday, February 17, 2010

oh gawd he's back

Its evening time, and that's when the BINGE monster comes out to visit.
I have done so well today. Two soy protein shakes and tons of water. Kept it under 500 cal.
And the cool thing? I am not hungry at all! Protein rocks!!

So, this mean little binge monster sneaks out from wherever he was hiding (under the bed, in the closet, behind the fridge) and sits down next to me, staring, using his telekinetic powers to put thoughts in my mind. 
"Hmmm... wouldn't (such n such) taste so good right now... or (such-n-such) would be yummy too. Go on, do it, you can start again tomorrow".

He is drooling. I can see it dripping on my couch. 
My stomach is content, but he is doing his voodoo mind fuck, and it always works. 

Fuzzy bastard.

I will not cave I will not cave I will not cave.
His power is strong, but my resolve is stronger. Right? Right?!!

I will watch a movie, cuddle up under a toasty blanket, drink some warm tea and  just ignore him till he slithers back to where ever he came from. hehehe.

I cant hear yoooooou. lalalalaaaaa....

xoxo zen


  1. omg so u actually did not binge! wow, kudos!!!! i can never be that strong...

  2. haha i love this! way to be strong =)


  3. Wow I love this :) Thanks for all you comments, hope you don't mind me quoting you :)

  4. lol not at all. i just made a post about your blog too. your writing style is great.

  5. wow, that picture is great-I really think my own b/p monster could look exactly like that...maybe with a little bit more evil eyes...

    great to resist the binge,there shall follow more won fights for you!!^^


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