Monday, February 22, 2010

Miss Pole Dance Competitors

These girls ROCK!!

These babes are sporting both muscle and bones. What a beautiful way to stay fit. 

xoxo zen


  1. No matter what bad things are associated with it, I think pole dancing is such an interesting thing to watch, not in a sexual sense but just because of the way they move. Plus I'm sure it's a killer workout.

    Stay strong!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  2. They are amazing! I want to learn how to pole dance, it'd work your core so well.
    Hahahaha I know i know i talk about sex way too much... buuuut its so fun.
    And a good workout ;)

    Um most of the time i eat a small meal before i go out, something sustaining like tuna or porridge, low cals, easily burned off etc. But when im fasting generally im just in the mental state to say no to food anyway. Once ive had my first sip of alcohol thats it, no more food. I tell myself that if i eat it will make me feel sick, and soon enough, you believe yourself.
    Also, if you eat while you're out, people will see you gorging, thats another thing that stops me. Other then that, no idea. Haha id never really thought about it all that much.


  3. yea i want to learn how to pole dance... though i'm sure i'll prolly be crawling on the floor for who knows how long. lol


  4. omggggg i wanna be a pole dancerrrr they are so in shape im so jealous

  5. omg!
    they are the only girls that can look that good upside down. gahh, some of that looks so painful though lol. i feel like i pulled a muscle just looking at the pictures.

    stay strong

    ...i wonder if any of them has popped an implant from doing that...

  6. I...


    This is going to be awkward, but...

    Will you marry me?


    That has nothing to do with the pole dancers, though they *are* quite amazing. I was thinking the same thing as I scrolled down the page: muscles and bones...beautiful!

    I love the way you write. Even more so, I love the way you so freely express yourself in such a straightforward, screw-the-world-if-they-don't-like-it attitudinal sort of way. It's so refreshing, and so REAL. I adore it.

    Keep being EXACTLY as you are...I can't wait to read more of your stuff. And thanks for following me! :D



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