Sunday, February 14, 2010

Natures laxative

Cramps! My intestines are melting.
My friend looked across the room at me and said "wtf was that sound?" 
It was my stomach growling. 
And I was about to have an ass-explosion on her couch. 

I'd better weigh a hell of alot less tomorrow. 10 or so lbs would be fair.
Wish my toilette had a measurement thingy, you know, to tell me how much I poo'd. 
OK, I know, disgusting. Whatever. 

UGH xoxo zen

Ok, someone just said to me "idiot, that is what bathroom scales are for. if you've lost 10lbs by the end of the day, you know it's not fat, duh" (rolls eyes)

lol... lemme alone beotch!


  1. lol i get what you mean though, like how its loads easier to purge if you can weight it afterwards to see exactly how much came up... im not the only one that has wanted to do that right ?haha
    i make sure to clear my calender for at least 2 days when i take laxies, they can kick in at the weirdest moments.
    stay strong

    ...i wish i could poop out 10 pds..

  2. thanks for leaving such a supportive comment on my blog :)

    and damn girl u are hilarious! 5'5" and 110 lb... man...... i will do anything to be that.

    anyway, laxatives, once u take those, u have to stay clear of socializing lol. i take herbal laxatives, which are a lil milder.

    if u take laxatives before u sleep, it's a lil better, since u go to the bathroom straight away in the morning and u are done with.

    i wish i could live on evian like u, but i hate how water does not have any taste....

    and ditto to what embre said above.


  3. Actually, I quite enjoy weighing myself before and after my poops. What you eject isn't usually enough to result in any weight loss, though. =(

  4. @embre
    i am so glad im not the only one, maybe we should get a patent the toilette scale thingy? lol

    u are so right. i usually do take them at night, but this sucker took a couple days to kick in. i may try taking something less vicious next time.

    i once had a 2 lb loss after a poo... I shit you not!

    hehehe you guys are so fun ;)


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