Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who you calling obese?

Today, I went to lunch with some people after class. I stuck to ice water since I only eat dinner. I was actually feeling very proud of my resolve. I wasn't caving in while everyone around me was stuffing their faces. When someone asked why I wasn't eating, I casually mentioned that I was on a diet this week.

One of the girls snapped at me, stating that there was no way I need to lose weight.  
She was very large...oops.
She went on to say that she hated girls who complained about being fat when they had no idea what it was like to be overweight. Eh?

She tried to further make her point by saying that I'd have to be like100lbs overweight to be obese.

Did I say I was obese?! I should have just dropped the subject, but chubba-bubba was getting on my nerves. So I informed her that technically, you’re considered obese if you’re 30 pounds over your ideal weight. 

I’ve never seen a person’s face fall so quickly. ack.  It was like I told her she was dying. My bad. I don't think I'll be invited to lunch with that group again.

BTW.. I ended up binging tonight. She wins.

xoxo zen


  1. Sorry about her. I hate when people snap and tell you things like that but really they don't understand at all. A good excuse that usually works for me is I just say that I have already eaten at home or I am eating when I get home. Don't worry about the binge, there is always today to do better and not let her win, xo

  2. wow yea! i had this kind of incident too! hell, i don't want to BE a 400 lb to realize that i'm too fat for this world!!! i'm already fat. egh, i only eat breakfast usually, or at least try to, so it's real hard for me to turn down dinner invitations. what part of diet don't people understand, right? /xo

  3. I am sure it was something she already knew anyway and was just trying not to face. If she has been to the doctor in the past year, it is something docs are obligated to tell you. So, it was probably just a shock to hear it from someone who wasn't a doctor; maybe this will actually cause her to take what her doctor says to heart and get healthy. You never know.

    But, I think it would be pretty safe to say that you won't be invited to lunch with her again haha!

  4. Yeek, I said similar back when my friend was a little bigger and I was apparently thin but really just beginning to aquaint myself with ed...anywhoo, she went ape shit and got all upset at mee too. People just do not get that just cause we may be thinner than them doesn't mean we don't feel fat! Ugh, wish I'd been there to see the look on her face lol. Take care, xx

  5. Hm. Don't know what to say. I understand her a tiny little bit. I do see where she's coming from. But you've been there, too. Even I, and I've not been "obese" I think.
    It is silly to say summink like that in front of fat people, yes, but she should be able to ignore it. Just like you should, next time just don't listen to her.
    It doesn't matter that there is no difference because it's about the way you FEEL, it's just not worth it in the end.
    so you won't be invited for lunch any time soon, big deal. It's actually rather helpful isn't it?
    I'll ignore the "i binged she won" bit because I#ve not been a good girl myself. xxx

  6. This kind of incident really makes me sad.

    Hang in there love.

  7. i know that this is kinda mean to say but hell, she shouldnt have brought your weight up if she didnt want hers brought into the picture as well.i dont blame you at all for what you said, it wasnt mean , just the truth. hopefully this incident taught her to think before she opens her mouth to make comments about other peoples bodies.
    stay strong


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