Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 Day Fast WIN

Start weight 136
Finish weight 128
I shit you not!!

Well, maybe I did lean to the left a bit, but it still counts. My scale can only be manipulated a couple oz. Now if it went down a pound, THAT would be cheating.

And keep in mind, I'm on Topa. So I have a considerable advantage when I do not put food in my mouth.

Ever notice how much those empty fat cells like to jiggle? Those bastards really like to stick around, waiting to be filled up again after the famine is over.

I do love how my jeans become baggy after a quick drop in weight. But it sucks that my ass becomes baggy too.

It was all good until last night, my sister cooked up something that shall remain nameless. The mouthwatering smell woke something EVIL inside me.

I was, um strong?
NO. I wanted to kill something... really hard, fatally, to DEATH.
I snapped at everyone and everything around me, like a rabid chihuahua.

I guess I was hungry.

Compared to previous fasts though, this one was pretty tame.

Much luv,
xoxo zen


  1. Congratulation on the success.
    Soon, just keep it up. And I do love how fasting just changes a lot, I never realized how bloated I usually am.

  2. OMG are u kidding? that 3 day fast worked fcking well!!!! oh god, oh god, i'm so fcking jealous!!! u'r getting there wow. wow. truly amazing. /xo

  3. OMG you're in the 120s.. does it feel incredible? I'm so excited for you!

    Love and congrats,
    Adeline xx

  4. Congrats!
    Hopefully mine will be as successful.
    I can just think of yours as inspiration (:

  5. omg i WANT 120'S, BTW The pic is fucking messed up freaky.

  6. WOW over half a stone! That's amazing!
    Well done, you should be super rpoud of yourself :D

  7. Zen that's absolutely frickin' awesome!! And here I am pretty pleased with 1lb a day! Doesn't it feel so magical to see a new first digit. So happy for you. As soon as my student loan comes through I swear I am getting in on that Topa action!

    Haha I TOTALLY get what you mean about the baggy ass-I wrote about that in one of my posts the other day. This is why I've made my ass-shrinking aims not too ambitious. At my lowest weight my ass was 33"-normal for some people but a big change for me-and there were actual folds of skin. EWW! I will take fat over flappy skin any day methinks. xx

    p.s. I did so want to give you a sunshine award yesterday, but I felt I needed to spread the sunshine to people who haven't had any yet. But just so you know, I think you're bloomin' wonderful

  8. well done. thats really great. u did so well =) im so happy for you. x

  9. Oh, that's fucking awesome! Well done love! I think i'm hitting about a 5 pound loss a week too, but 8 pounds in a three day fast is amazing!


  10. well done you! i'm rather envious but superbly proud of you too :) keep going xoxo

  11. Ah, my love! You'd surely beat me in any competition with THIS kind of loss! ;)

    I've joined you, today. In the ranks of the 120s. I took three laxies last night, felt the familiar moltenlavafire in my belly throughout the night, but I guess I should've taken that last one to push it over the edge, because this morning? Nothing.

    Still, weight: 129.6. I know, were I empty of the food I consumed yesterday (which was a lot by our standards...probably around 900 calories) I'd probably be seeing 128 as well. Sigh. And here I sit, trying to, with my *greatermind*, see that the number IS NOT WHAT MATTERS, but the feeling of my clothes, and how I perceive myself in the mirror...

    I can't fall for that lie yet. I'm incredibly grateful for the community here that chooses to take all of these roller coaster ups and downs with me without condemnation. Except for this anonymous person who commented today, of course... Saying that I had nothing to be afraid of, that I was in no danger at a BMI of 20.7, seeing as underweight is 18.5.

    Yes, but I am only about 10 lbs away from underweight. And as is obvious here, that can be "done away with" in a matter of days, if I so chose. There is always danger.


    Anyway...AMAZING job on your fast...Really and truly admirable and inspiring. I'm starving now... ha, literally. (I can say that honestly and not be hyperbolizing)... ;)

    I lurve you too.

  12. -8 is an amazing number! It took me months to go down 5-6. hahaha

    Also, that picture is so disgusting that I don't want to eat. Like, ever again.

  13. haha omg i almost died when i saw that picture! XD

  14. Wait...what news? What pride and excitement? To what did I allude (perhaps unintentionally?) that has left you with such anticipation? :P

    My brainfarts do me in sometimes...

  15. Haha, if I don't do what??? Lmao, SO effing clueless right now. 129.6 feels like nothing to celebrate. It's nearly 130, for chrissakes.

  16.'re so wonderful. ;)

    My own self-doubt and concern for my well-being has clouded my ability to rejoice in what SHOULD be quite a momentous occasion.


    You're lovely.

  17. OMG. SO jealous. Just like everyone else. you go girl.

  18. congrats!! soo jealous. 3 days and 8 pounds!!
    awesome job

  19. okay, i officially hate you lol
    well, I DONT but my fat gut hates you.
    so besides being insanely jealous of you , im missing you so much! i cant wait till i can get my computer back so that i can comment more. (haha her face looks like my fake orgasm face)
    stay strong

  20. Hahaha... I loved loved loved that comment you just left. Way to make my effin' day, dollface.


    I'm happy to be returning, too. Happier than I've been in ages. It could have a lot to do with my McDreamyDude,'s obviously mostly due to this Topa thang. I hope it holds up. Crossed fingers...

    LUUUUUUV you, too!

  21. congratulations! i'm so happy for you. i miss the 120's. hopefully i'll be joining you there soon! keep it up, lovely. you're amazing.

  22. I'm around 1m60 , ive got no clue how much that is in feet haha :')

    but i do know that my BMI is at 16, how about you? :]

  23. Oh and, in reply to your first comment, no worries, I get brain-farts too, and quiteeeee often i must say.

  24. I know, normally I'm not this stupid. If you saw the guy I was fucking you wouldn't care about protection either. Alas, no sex for a while. DId I say it already ? I'll say it again. I'm sooooo jealous of your number on the scale.

  25. Hahaha oh man I feel you. I get so rabid and angry when I want food after fasting. I found your blog through Madison and Flabby-J. I love it. You can look at mine....

  26. Well I ordered my Topa yesterda-gotta put that student loan to use somehow-so we shall see. I think I'm pretty oblivious to the effects of medication given the amount of anti-depressants I'm on (to little avail). My Doctor always acts like he doesn't believe me when I say I get no side effects. But I can't get my head around how PD is getting such bad side-effects on 25mg and you're on 400!!?? What dose did you start on?

    Yeah it was very hard. Sunshine awards are pretty much OVER-especially as 3 of the girls I gave it to seem to have disappeared from blogger!

    Congrats on that extra pound. You're the incredible shrinking woman! I'm a little bit scared tbh, how will you stop?

    Loves xx

  27. Will do. It should come in about 1-2 weeks. HOPEFULLY. What dose should I start on? I've ordered 50mg tablets but was gonna take 2 at a time 'cause I figured any less than 100mg is pointless. But then PD is reacting so strongly to it...hmmm.

    Oh btw I think you two have practically single-handedly started a Topa obsession. It's all I read about on Blogger and Twitter these days. There's gonna be a global shortage. One Indian supplier already seems to have closed down. Lol.

    Umm I've worked my way up through the dosages of Fluoxetine (prozac) and Venlaflaxine (effexor). I'm not severely depressed anymore, but that's probably a matter of circumstances. Other than that haven't noticed much change. I can still check 'suicide ideation' on my list of hobbies. Sweet.


  28. We weigh the same now :)
    I'm a new subscriber to your blog, and I love your thoughts and your twisted since of humor.
    Keep writing!

  29. Zen you're a star. I could babble with you all day. Babble away. Seriously. Passing thoughts, observations, rants, general word vomit...I'm all ears (eyes?).

    Right I'm self diagnosing myself as epileptic and we'll go from there. Seeing as I can barely concentrate on my work as it is and am practically a zombie, it can't do much harm. That's if the bank approves my purchase-it does look dodgy (internet, large amount, India). They have a tendency to block my card and ring me up going has someone stolen your card??? No, I just went shopping alright!

    Probbaly not the best time to be experimenting with drugs, right before my final year exams. But for the possible gains (ha-or should that be losses) I'll be a guinea pig too.


  30. Hah thank youu <33, I try.. but im nowhere near my goal weight.
    And I don't even know if I'm still at 16 now that I've gained about 5 pounds for the stupid doctors. :(


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