Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fugly Motivation

My ex-boyfriend (dickwad) has a girlfriend that loves to glare at me. It is her favorite hobby. And I love to watch her do it. It makes me happy. 

My friends and I were at a coffee shop yesterday when dickwad walked in with grumpy. She glanced over at our table and promptly drew her face into a scowl. 

How cute.

The more she pouts, the more humorous it becomes. I just smile at her sweetly. I really look forward to these encounters.

Perhaps I should be flattered. Am I really that intimidating? I'm realizing it can be motivation to lose more weight... I can actually give her a GOOD reason to frown. I fucking love it!

Weight  / Treat
130   Sexy heels to make grumpy jealous
125   Hot makeup to make grumpy jealous
120   Risqué outfit to make grumpy jealous
115   Wicked tattoo to make grumpy jealous
110   Sensuous haircut to make grumpy jealous

Much luv,
xoxo zen

P.S. Thank you SO much for all the loving comments in my last post. It felt wonderful to receive such kindness when I needed it most. You guys are truly beyond amazing!! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!


  1. lmao I love it.... such an uplifting motivating post. Especially because I am in such a man-hating mood =)

  2. <333333 HAHA yesssss, stupid bitches are jealous. It's so funny to know that every move is being watched and taken as offense to them! Love the motivation.


  3. Haha I love that picture thing! That's awesome :) It's so great when you know you have the power to make someone you hate feel jealous of you. I know that sounds totally bitchy, but whatever, I take pride in flaunting it if I got it! LOL


  4. I love how hilarioiusly bitchy this post is. I think the absolute same things. ;-) Maybe throw in an edgy dye job to match that senuous haircut?


  5. *sensuous. Can't spell today. lol

  6. Haha. you make me smile. I love how you'll use this to flaunt how beautiful you are to her and make her jealous XD

  7. LOL i love it !! :D this to make grumpy jealous :D so funny

  8. It's really funny how jealous she probably is! Or insecure hahahahaha.

  9. hahahaha that's lovely. i never thought about new gf of ex that way. nice. new way of thinking! /xo

  10. haha, I got a good laugh from '..to make grumpy jealous'.and you're rewards are very fitting!

  11. Love it. Can't lie...I've totally been flaunting all the awesome shit that's happened to me this year in front of the ex and his girl. D helped me & them break down the set after yesterday's concert and I definitely took advantage of the PDA and inside joke opportunities. :)

    Also, the ex didn't get into the school he wanted when he graduated last year and basically was unemployed for ages and has a shit job now. Whereas I got full scholarships to 2 really awesome grad programs. Yup. I'm rubbing that one in. I'm such a bitch, haha.

    Can't really piss off ex's girl with my looks though, 'cause she's got one of those effortlessly perfect bodies. Some day...

    You're so awesome, Zen. Make grumpy-girl jealous. We all know you're totally gorgeous.

  12. haha.
    this is totally me.
    i'm glad you got some inspiration out of the whole thing!

  13. Haha isn't jealousy the best??
    That sounds like she knows you're alot prettier than her and that there is a high chance of dickwad wanting to get with you again :)
    = even more jealousy

  14. Teehee smack grumpy in the face with skinny hot well dressed and styled and made upness. You shall you shall.

  15. Haha too good!
    Not only will be be rubbing it grumpy's face just how hot you are, but you'll also be showing dickwad what a downgrade he made, woooo.
    Grumpwad (both of them) will be super jealous :D
    What a lovely thought :)

  16. not to sound like everyone else. but i love this snarky post!
    what tattoo are you thinking of getting?

    also thanks for you all the supportive comments <3
    anastasia kirstyn

  17. Hahaha that's brilliant ;) x

  18. keep making grumpy jealous please. she sounds like she deserves it -.-
    i understand why you enjoy it so much, id be the same haha

  19. Ahaha! I fucking LOVE it. I once made an ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend tear up. Through only a few suggestive looks and touches on his arm. Who cares if it nauseated me to touch him, right?
    Grumpy sounds like a constant source of amusement :D


  20. Haha, brilliant...recieving a glare from Bitch Face (girl I detest) when I went out with her now boyfriend was so lovely, though I don't think she understood :P You keep making grumpy jealous :) xxx

  21. i think you should definitely take pride in that she glares at you. it must mean she thinks your a threat!

  22. jealousy is an unflattering accessory on any woman, but to be the cause for it is deeply satisfying whether or not you get anything out of it.
    kudos ;)


    p.s. i love your crossed out fatty on top of your blog. cute, mean and hilarious. i wish i had a shirt with that on it when my brother was with his corpulent ex-girlfriend. thank god he's pulled his head out of his ass.

  23. haha u seem to get vicariously excited from my farting/shitting business lol /xo

  24. Yay, make grumpy jelouse. Sexy red high heals are any day happyness. I totaly think I was sick because of pills yesterday but today I had a virus.

  25. Jesus it's comment-o-rama here. I have nothing really to add except that you're awesome. And do share your tattoo plans with us, are you thinking big or small? What are you thinking of getting? I loved your tattoo thinspo btw. I toy with the idea ALLL the time, but I'm so frickin' changeable I can't make my mind up whether it's a good idea or not.

    Lol dw about the bra padding comment-it was all totally in my head anyway! I have been obsessing about these things for far too long for there to be any new neuroses you could possibly trigger. Yeah I can't decide whether it's actually a good thing about my big ol' bum. Guys are ALL about the ass. And I have quite curvy legs too, we are body twins :) xx

  26. haha great post - use grumpy as motivation :) think thin. xoxxx

  27. Grumpy sounds really nice. She makes you smile, that's a really lovely thing she's doing for you, isn't it? :) Do you reckon she's jealous because Dicki might still like you or she might envy your body shape or anything like that?
    I'm sorry about Piggy. May he rest in peace. I hope there are no cats in ratheaven.
    How's the dog doing by the way?
    Are you still on those pills, cheating? :D
    Gosh I'm so glad I finally found some time to catch up on your blog, I HATE not being able to follow you guys.
    loooooooooove you :)
    and again, thanks for that award (a couple weeks ago. haha)

    miss b


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