Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bingey Bingey

//Begin Pity Party//

Notice how much I post when I have good stuff to report?
I've been away.
Have been eating crapola. Whatever junk food the girls brought/bring into the apt. Is all gone now.

"Where is the last éclair?" Sister asks stupid question
No answer.
"Where is the last chocolate éclair?!" She's blond btw.
No answer.
"Why wont you answer me?!!"
"SHHHH! I'm watching this!" I point to tv.. then brush finger across lips to wipe away any evidence.
"I just want to know where the éclair is!"  

It started off slowly... then slid into binge mode(ish). I'd eat a bit, let it digest, then eat again... NON-STOP. What made it even more pathetic, is food still tastes bland. There was no oral satisfaction, just a mental one.

The only reasons I can think that I was slipping, or trying to slip, back into this habit are...

1. No sex life (vibrator doesn't count).
2. Lost 20lbs but NOBODY noticed. 
3. Holiday... ? I know. I am grasping here.
4. Uhhhhh.

Ok, so there you have it. Heartbreaking, eh?
I KNOW... you "understand how I feel",  "are sorry it is so rough for me right now", "really hope it gets better"... sigh... I hope I get laid soon too.

I hid in my fatcave, afraid to weigh myself for about a week. Finally decided to assess the damage yesterday.

I had this picture all ready for this post, as an example of myself in all my puffy, bloated, freakish glory.


Are you shitting me Topa? Are ya laughing behind my back? I was so depressed thinking my clothing was becoming tighter and my body a bit more jiggly. Absolutely sure I had rebounded atleast 10lbs, nearly half my initial loss.

Lo and behold only 2 weensie lbs. Harhar. Joke's on me. 

Today I fast. Those 2lbs go bye-bye.

//End Pity Party//

xoxo zen


  1. I love the warning at the top of your page!

    //pity party, I'm surprised html code didn't pick up on that and cue the violins :)

    seriously though, you'll kick that 2lbs in no time!

  2. wow wish i would gain so little from st like that. Congrats hun

  3. I'm sure you'll kick the two pounds. You should try brushing your teeth to keep from eating the junk in the apartment. I do the works with flossing, brushing, and rinsing with Listerine. Then you can't eat because you'll ruin all the work you did!

  4. 2 pds is nothing compared to what the rest of us would have put on.your amazing! i cant help but be envious of that amount. i binge for one day and gain 2 pounds just in poop weight. then again i only poop once a week...
    ill bet you lose those 2 pds plus extra.
    stay strong

  5. 2lbs! Wow, you'll shift that in nooo time :) I'm not at all jealous that you can binge and barely gain...*cough cough* Love xx

  6. yay! happy for you! 2 lbs is not too bad hehe

    how come nobody noticed 20 lbs? I mean, that's a heck of a lot for people not to notice. I lost 11 and people are already going "wow you're so much thinner now"! that makes me angry -.- people should spend their time to look at you. ur not worth being ignored. i hope im not getting mad about something which is not that drastic but that sentence really depressed me.

  7. Eff those two pounds. You don't need no stinkin' pity party. You so have this :)

  8. Ay ye two pounds il be gone like de summers een de nortern west ofs america. Teehee that was fun to tipe like a pirate. But ya, I hate when I don't even taste the food. I love your new backround and picture, they are cute. I can't really pitty your nonsex life because I'm very younge and not sextualy active, but I bet it sucks. Yay pitty party. It's kindof predictable. Hahahaha, ya my sister today, "Where is the ..." "Oh I tried to cook it but it burned." I also love your bingy picture. <3's. Have good luck with your fast. I'm fasting tomarrow. :) -K

  9. Sex fixes everything :)

  10. "3. Holiday... ? I know. I am grasping here."
    nope. I gaine dlike 5kilos withing easter holidays(two weeks) holidays can be sooo evil
    sex might really be the perfect substiute for bad food!
    maybe (for the first time?) your body is on your side gaining only two lame pounds which will be off faster than you blond sister gets the éclair thing ;)

    but I also think it is soo rude to not comment on your awesome weightloss! they are probably all jealousX1000 and think if they do not acknowledge it maybe it is not true. suckers.

  11. How did no one notice a TWENTY POUND loss?! WTF. You live in a seriously low IQ populated town, darling. As soon as I drop half a pound, my mom is on my ass, all grouchy "Have you lost MORE weight? EAT SOMETHING."
    Your sister has problems. If I saw her, i'd smack her hardcore. Maybe knock some smart cookie-ness into her little brain.
    Topamax is GOD.

    <3 xoxox alisson

  12. Thanks for all your comments :)
    Two pounds is easy peasy! You got this!

    And I'm totally there on the sex-life front......or lack thereof. BAH!


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