Thursday, April 08, 2010

Lala Land

My girlie P.D. was talking about her first love. It was (and still is) intense. I have yet to experience that particular type of insanity.

The only long-term relationship I ever had lasted about a year. I liked him for the first couple months, then HATED  him the remaining 10 months. After that I rarely dated anymore, mostly just used guys for sex (they didn't mind).

I have special standards.

Anybody watch Lost? I am addicted to Lost, can't believe this is the last season.

My latest fantasy is Martin Keamy (the mercenary from Lost)... he likes to play rough *wink wink*. OK he is actually a TV character, but we have a great life together in lala land. Maybe that's why I've never been in love, all the boys I truly want are imaginary.

Sadly real men just don't cut it. A guy may have that sexy rouge-esq-ness about him, but then as he confidently walks over to flirt, I look down in horror at his ...  flip flops, mercenaries don't wear flip flops!

Much luvs,
xoxo zen


  1. I, too, cringe when I see guys wearing flip flops! Only at the beach guys!!!! lol

  2. Haha, yeah it's kind of a mixture of "ooh, he thinks I've lost weight" and "ooh, I don't want him to worry". I made it very clear that I don't want him to be monitoring me--that's not his responsibility. Still feels weird to have him know about ED though.

  3. I googled my first love 2 days ago! He is now, a Doctor. And he lives in NYC. I really blew it on that one.
    And I just started Lost in December. I poured through all the seasons on Hulu as fast as I could possibly go. I avoided it for so long because of all the hype attached to it, thinking it was bound to be overrated. And it probably is, but now I'm addicted! Alas, I have no one to watch it with so I usually make comments out loud to myself when I watch the new episodes.

  4. I now.
    Real men suck.

  5. Damn real men and thier flaws. I fall in love extreemly easly on the contary but cannot manage to hold on to guys.

  6. Addicted to Lost. ADDICTED. I feel the same. I've liked guys, but if it isn't really time persistent then it can't really be love can it ? I"m in danger of falling for my guy.

  7. I love LOST. I haven't caught up on the last two seasons though so I'm really lost when I watch the new episodes now, no pun intended.

    Don't worry, this first love thing will happen eventually. And you won't even know it until you're head deep in it.

  8. i completely get what you mean. im in love with House. i dont care how freaking old he is or that in real life he's got a brittish accent, i would ravish that man IN SECONDS!i would rock his world, i would... **insert cheesy sex line**
    (does anyone really say ravish anymore...)
    you get the idea.
    i never got to watch lost because i didnt have cable for the first 2 seasons and i have real trouble getting started on a t.v. show if ive missed the beginning. i'll probably just end up buying the box sets once its finished and have a lost watching
    oh and love with real men is completely overrated.well it was for me at least. ive been in 2 serious relationships and i ended up hating both men within the first few months. sometimes i wish i could climb into a book and live there forever with the "prince charming".
    stay strong

  9. You make sense.
    I don't watch Lost, but I think I know what you mean. For example I watch Qaf or Vampire Diaries or L-Word and KNOW i'd need someone like Brian/Damon/Shane.
    someone who's very edgy and mysterious and rough but there is no one like this because ... real people suck.
    That's why. And then you're disappointed.
    It's also not so easy to tell if you really are in love or not. I thought I was. A couple months later I thougt ... nope. That was not love. It was an intense crush. That's about it.
    You can mistake many things for love. That's what makes it so dangerous.

  10. I am also in love with Gregory House, M.D. Hottie McSexerson, he is.

    Why am I eating, Zen? Why???

    I just downed a 300 calorie yogurt with granola from Starbucks, and I know I'll hate myself for the granola more later because of the gluten (I'm nearly positive of my intolerance now, even without testing)...and yet I ate it anyway!!!

    Ah, the way I torture myself!

    Bitchfest -- out.


  11. Haha I have been in love with Edward Cullen for the past two years. I know how you feel lol.

  12. haha tv men don't translate to real men. it'd be such an amazing world to live in if that was so... lol /xo

  13. DUDE! You're not kidding about the cereal box thing...I mean, honestly. Is it catching? Like the flu, or a bug? Whatever it is, I've got it...I can't...stop fucking EATING.

    This is not ... okay.

    I'm emailing you pronto, tanto.

  14. man, maybe it's ur influence or whatever, i have to tell u this. i think i just managed to expel at least 1/2 of "digested food crap" out of my body today. feels so good. damn good./xo

  15. Thanks for your comment. I should get a restraining order on chocolate, too! I aim to try that mode of thought today, as day 2 of restricting is always brutal.

    You may find love somewhere, but watch out, as it isn't always what it seems at the time. He, don't I know that?

  16. i found topamax in my mums drawer!!! she was supposed to take 1 a day .. it's 50mg .. she told me to take half a tablet .. that's 25mg .. i saw that you are taking like 200-400gr ? how many tablets are that?

  17. ah nothing, really. fucking CPP. That's all.

    I was so happy to learn that a brunette girl who was totally flirting with him would not end up at his place that night. yay.
    "Because I will", she said.

    Ah the competition.

  18. Flip flops... Almost as awful as obesity....

    A sunshine award for you, my dear <3

  19. Given you an award for being, well, you :) xx

  20. P.S. I tagged you in a post!

  21. Just stumbled in here via P.D's award post, and am already loving your blog.
    All the boys I really want are imaginary, too.

    And with both long-term relationships I've had (one of them 1.5 years and the other an incredibly too-long 3.5 years), I liked them for a few months and hated them for the rest.

    Well, long story short, I'm hitting that "Follow" button right now.

  22. Oh, you have to go read my latest post (not that you wouldn't anyway... ;P) because I gave you a nifty award thingamajig. :D


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