Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, as I slept, those extra 2lbs snuck out like a slutty one night stand.
The next day I fasted like a good girl.
Plus I found some rice-wine in my fridge so I decided to allow myself one cup as a reward... mmm it was so nice and warm in my tummy.
Unfortunately drinking sake on an empty stomach leads to typing shit like this...
Sun - sake fast
Mon - sake fast
Tue - sake fast
Wed - sake fast
Thu - sake fast
Fri - sake fast
Sat - sake fast
I think I'll make a few adjustments to that now that I'm a bit more clear headed.

I'm feeling a bit low on my curse word count today, so take it from here Sue Simmons...

Much luv girlies,
xoxo zen


  1. Mwahaha this is me all over. Beer, alcopops etc all mean nothing to be but wine is love. I think I could wine fast very easily, but not lose any weight :P

  2. Ha, I wish I was published in any form... one day perhaps.
    Humans are disgusting creatures though, albeit apt at pretending, there's just no way around it...

    Also, I love sake.

  3. hehe this was a fun blog :D

    what is sake?

    2 pounds in a day is great ! in evy you .. i never get that much .. or well not that often but i wish ! =)

  4. Love. You. x

    p.s the bra stuffing worked a treat-my Mum seems to think I've made a complete turnaround for the better. This may also have something to do with the excessive caffeine consumption making me hyper. Unfortunately the 'waif' effect could not be used on my psychiatrist, who walked in on me giggling manically with my Mum and now thinks I'm cured of depression. But never mind, he upped my dosage anyway-what else do Psychiatrists know to do except meddle with dosage?

    Oof I did not mean to turn this comment into an update of my life, sorry!

    Stay lovely (and drunk) xx

  5. Mm, I miss sake. And sake bombs! The idea of drinking some kind of bomb is completely appealing. Many congratulations on the 2lbs. That must have felt amazing.

  6. Good luck for your weekly plan!
    Oh I do love drinking, but so does my fat ass.

  7. sake fast? haha sounds pretty avant-garde! yea, i have this stupid lunch thing with a professor tomorrow, which i'm gonna try to eat "mindfully." then from that point onwards, i'm thinking of liquid fasting or something. thanks for the support zen! /xo

  8. Haha, "I'm really fucking sorry you heard that."
    Reminds me of me

    xoxox alisson

  9. Hahahaha sake fast, sake fast, sake fast

    Hell, why don't we all just live on wine for the rest of our lives?

  10. (: i had this background on my myspace for a long time.
    also, what is rice wine?

  11. yay for the disappearance of those two pounds! i love losing weight by sleeping, it feels so.. rewarding? someday i think i'm gonna pull a Sleeping Beauty and just snooze away like 10 pounds or so. that sounds lovely and lazy.

    ahahaha, you make me giggle. your week plans sound so delish. =) enjoy your sake, pretty lady!


  12. Have I told you lately that I love you?

    Probably not, since I feel totally whacked out on sleep and nutrient deprivation combined with the apparent insanity pills I'm taking.

    Ah well, thought it worth mentioning. Luv your guts.



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