Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miss Funny Pants

My sister appreciates my sense of humor. Cause she rocks. But her little friends just stare at me like I am stupid.

It was rainy today when I picked her up from school. She had a group of teenagers huddled around hoping for a ride. I'm so cool. I began joking with them as soon as they got in the car.
Uh, nobody laughed. Whatever.

So, I was driving along acting crazy. I was quite funny. Cracking myself up. Being my usual self... which is REALLY fucking hilarious, ya know?
Uh, NO, they REALLY didn't think so.

"She is kidding, she is only kidding, zen they think you are serious, you are scaring them".

What the fuck?

I wasn't really going to run over that old man.. I only hit the gas for a second. Geeze!

My sister say's I am alot funnier in writing than I am in person. Whew...  I'll definitely take that as a compliment.

xoxo zen

*EDIT: Uh, you guys keep saying "hit and run". I was only gonna plow him over, I never said I would just keep on driving! 
Gah, what kind of sick people are you?!
As for the point system... he was moving pretty slow, so I think it would only merit a 10.


  1. My sisters friends think I am kinda crazy too :) Its funny.

  2. Lol that's brilliant, I can totally see it! It's reached the stage where my brother just introduces me to his friends as follows:
    'This is my sister, she's insane, just ignore her.'

    Thanks, bro.

    I'm a faux-accelerator as well. I tend to go for groups of lanky teenaged boys. So I enjoy watching them scatter.. is that a crime?

    Adeline xx

  3. Hit and run jokes? If so, you and I must have the same sense of humor. Most people don't find the stuff I say funny, either. You know, because of the whole humane thing.

    But I LOVE your humor. So don't stop.

  4. My personal flavour deems it important to yell "50 points!" before slamming my foot on the accelerator. Of course I don't really intend to hit people, it's just hilarious.

  5. Some people just have no sense of humor >_>. I think you're hilarious!

  6. when are hit and run jokes not funny?

  7. lol, zen you are so amazing, please become my older sister. =p


  9. I act like a nut when my brothers and their friends are around too. Except, all their little high school friends seem to have crushes on me now. I don't want to be a cougar at the age of 23!!!

  10. hahahhahahhahahahhaha you funny bitch. I would have laughed :)

  11. You are too kind and too nice, honey buns. Nina Dobrev is taller than me and way tinier in the waist. I refuse to(and yet I do) accept the fact that while the rest of my body whittles away, my waist will also be wide and square and disproportionately large. I will never be an hourglass. I will also have a boxy body.

    I would kill for an inch of two in the hips to make my waist look smaller. Or just get some ribs taken out. You know, the usual.

  12. what the hell was the old man doing on the street if he can't walk at least 5 miles/hr? geeez, hate slow walkers lol. /xo

  13. Heh, i LOVE your sense of humour. I generally take humour like that as a sign i'll get on well with someone. Shock and disgust at my amusement at the potential misfortune of others, on the other hand... tsk tsk, always disappointing.


  14. I top the hummus with the finely chopped spring onions and black pepper then use the cucumber batons to scoop. I've found that red onion serves as a delicious alternative to the spring onion mmmm. Baby sweetcorn and oddly enough, broccoli are delicious dipped in the hummus too! Inevitably, i end up eating it with a spoon at the end though nom nom nom :)


  15. :D I love your humour.
    And scaring your sisters friends is cooooooooooool, i like scaring teenagers! you rock! :D


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