Monday, March 29, 2010


Fasting is getting a bit easier.

But I was really craving pasta last night. So I did the hunger test.
I thought ,"Just have one of those 100 cal health bars instead"... 
"Nope", my tummy said, "bleh, I only want pasta"...  
"Then it is not true hunger", I scolded, "just a mental craving, stupid."  

Cool, another zero calorie day.

This morning I got on the scale, leeeaaaned to the left just a smidge, it locked onto 133 and voilĂ ... I hit my half-way mark!! 20 fucking pounds!!! I lost TWENTY pounds in one month!!

[insert retarded naked dancing here]

Then I got dressed, pooped, and wondered if I was actually 133 without the leeeaaan?
Probably. Whatever, no time for that.

I hurdled myself over the furniture toward my computer to tell you guys the good news. Who else would give a shit that I've starved myself so well??

Ahhh... now if I could only see it. Maybe my mirror is not working right. Time to go shopping for a new one.

xoxo zen


  1. Congratulations on hitting your half-way mark! I'm excited for you! Don't you hate when the scale AND the mirror are in cahoots against you?

  2. You are AWESOME!! I mean, you probably already knew that and all, but I figured it couldn't hurt to tell you anyway. Dang...You're so much skinner than me now...I've got some catching up to do!!

    I'm sort of/kind of liquid fasting today. I don't know, though, I think I've cheated already by having a SlimFast shake and a smoothie. Cuz they're only semi-liquid. Hm...

    Yesterday...Yesterday, I did not chew and spit at all. It wasn't until late in the evening that I realized it. Bad news is, I did EAT a lot. Failure. I didn't weigh myself today because I want to try and go like, a month...without doing it. See how far I can get.

    Umm...I love you. Unrelated, but important, nonetheless. I feel like chewing something right now...and then spitting it out. Gah, it's so hard. Thing is...I've got it in my head that if I eat something first, and THEN chew and spit the other stuff, my body won't do that crazy insulin-production thing because I'll have already given it some quality food to work on...Am I crazy?

    Maybe you'd better not answer that... :P


  3. omg CONGRATULATIONS!! 20 lbs is AMAZING!! You are definitely my inspiration! <3

  4. If you weren't so awesome and I didn't love you so very much, I'd totally hate you. 20lb?

    You little inspiration, you.

    love and stuff :)

  5. WOW congrats on the 20lbs love!!!!!!! So amazing and inspiring!!


  6. thank you for your just made me put my fork down and stop eating because I'm not hungry, it's just that i cooked.
    congrats woohoo
    i'll do a naked dance for you tonight...:D

  7. Dude, congrats! Definitely the inspiration I needed today. Damn. I'm super jealous, haha.

  8. Well done, well done, well done!
    That is freaking awesome. You are officially my inspiration :) xo.

  9. whaaaaaaaaaaat?! 20 lbs in a month?! jesus, you're making everyone else look bad, stop that. x) 133! yay! i am so happy for you, but man i got some catching up to do. you are such an inspiration.

    the bitch in me is superbly jealous though, you teeny ass little girl. x)

    loves! <3

  10. 20 pounds in 1 month! WOW that is so awesome I am so happy for you!

  11. Congratulations! (haha, I'm totally jealous too. You must have the willpower of a SAINT.)

  12. wowww! twenty pounds is totally amazing!! suchh an inspiration.

    (hate to ask how, but are you basically just not eating. cause i always wondered if my body would actually drop 20 pounds in a month, or if i'd just stagnate too fast eating so little?)

    AMAZING. REALLY. so happy for you!!!!!

  13. omfg, congratz!! 20 fcking pounds!!! that's damn hard work!!!!! i wish i were u now i wish i were u. go treat urself before ur eyelash extensions! damn, it's like 20-pounds-lost-anniversary! /xo

  14. You

  15. 20 pounds?? You are amazing, girl! Keep it up :)

  16. Congratuwelldone! You cheat. Haha.

    20 lbs?! You sure you can't SEE them? You MUST be able to see them!!!

  17. OMG, I'm so jealous. If I hadn't been a fatass in Rome, I'd be in the low 130's with you. You are my thinspo.


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