Thursday, March 18, 2010

Topamax Dosage Doubled

Am doing my fucking happy dance!!!!!!!
Not quite as cutely as him of course.


  1. So jealous... :p I'm still on 100 mg :(

  2. I need some of that - sounds like good shit.

    And his dance is uh-maaaazing!

  3. I need that.
    Loving the dance.

  4. hahaha great vid. how'd ur st patty's go? /xo

  5. LMFAO!! Foist of all... Yes, you're right. I wasn't in my right mind (low caloric intake for me usually means absentmindedness by the third day or so) when I said binge-neck...I meant purge-neck. You're right, and I'm retarded. :P

    Wow...Yeah...seizures...GRrrrRReat! :/ Not really. You know why? Cuz I'm on Wellbutrin and it actually isn't prescribed for people with eating disorders (I was given the Wellbutrin before I was diagnosed with EDNOS) BECAUSE...wait for it... It LOWERS the seizure threshold significantly, and people who don't eat enough and/or purge often suffer from electrolyte imbalances...which can lead to seizures. YEAH.

    I'm thinking this just isn't a good match for me.

    *sigh...* I was all excited, too. Hmm. No, no tracking number...I should look into it, huh? I don't know what to do anymore. I really kind of want to try it, but at the same time, I don't want to hurt mysef (any more than I already am, I mean)... It's okay, you're not bein' my mama...You're just concerned about me, and I appreciate it. Thanks for havin' mah back, homegurl! ;)

    SECOND of all...That guy's dance is probably THE most awesome thing I've seen all ... year... and he's super hot. Shh. Don't tell my man. He used to be all buffness but he had to work super hard to keep it because his metabolism is funky and it seems his default body type is long, lanky, and SKINNY. Gah, I love his bones. :P He totally knows about my ED and he can tell when I run my hands up and down his back that I'm silently admiring his spine and ribs...Mmmm... bones...

    Hm. Man. I'll have to do some serious soul-searching concerning this Topamax sitch. In any case, thanks for lovin' me enough to give me the heads up, yo. Badass of ya.

    Looking forward to your next post (always am cuz I'm a big lame-o like that...) ;)



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