Friday, March 05, 2010


OK you guys... I  have now reached 153 lbs. So, that means, I have gained 42 lbs in just 2 months! CRAZY. Mother-Fucking-Crazy.

Today my precious doctor finally prescribed Topamax for me. Yay!

It is used off label for those with binge eating disorders. I didn't think she would be receptive to prescribing any weightloss-type drugs given my history with anorexia. But today I was brutally honest about my binge patterns of late, and subsequent weight gain. So she agreed that this (in conjunction with counseling) is a good option for me.

The reasons Topamax works:
1) Energy expenditure elevations in addition to reduced caloric intake secondary to anorexia.
2) Reduction in the activity of salivary enzymes, which are partially responsible for taste.
3) Reduction in leptin and corticosteroid concentrations. 
4) Reduction in serum glucose and insulin concentrations. 

My doctor warned me that one of the side effects known to this drug is anorexia. Seriously! 

I am feeling very hopeful about this. I really can't wait to see what this drug does for my insane binging problem. Hopefully it will help me to get things back under control. Pray for me plz.


xoxo lovelies,


  1. Omg how did you get prescribed that? I want some! Good luck, it sounds like things are going well for you :-)

  2. the tmax should help. i'm kind of jealous that you'll get it. not jealous of the counseling though. counselors are icky sometimes. hope it goes well for you though. stay strong, lovely.


  3. omg that's such a great prescription!!! i so madly need it too. anyway, glad that u got it in ur hands :) u'll prolly be binge-proof now - damn, that's awesome!

    and yea, i think i binge out of boredom and hatred of studying. eating is my excuse to take a break from studying i guess

  4. I...want. Seriously. I've been trying to figure out how to get that prescribed for a while. It's more difficult on a university campus, apparently.

    I think there's some sort of black market for it, but it's nearly impossible to tell what you're getting online these days.

    Let us know how it works...ah, I'd love some. :P

  5. I've been prescribed that!!!!! I've got it for a neurology disorder but I could've kissed my neurologist when he gave it to me :) I lost 7lb in the first week. How much are you going to be taking? I started off at 25mg for the first week, then 50 for the second (this week), going up to 75 next week, and then 100 from then on =D

  6. I am currently on 200mg daily. She said I can increase to 400mg depending on my progress and possible adverse side effects (memory loss, hair loss, brain fog etc). Have you had any of those complications?

  7. OH I'm so jealous! I'm tempted to try 100 straight away: not entirely sure why I've got to build it up :S I get memory loss and brain fog anyway (the neurology disorder affects my brain) so I probably wouldn't notice any difference to tell the truth :P I've had a bit of pins and needles in my hands and feet and I've noticed that things taste a bit funny (especially diet coke, seriously it's absolute rank!) but apart from that, nothing else :) let me know how you get on with them and good luck!!!

  8. omg i feel like a complete retard because i didnt know anything that fabulous existed!
    well, smoking crack is supposed to make you skinny but this sounds like a much better option lol
    that pill sounds so great! well except for the side effects. then again i personally think diet coke tastes like crap anyways :P more of a diet dr pepper person myself.
    stay strong

  9. I seriously wish I could get some of that! Hope it goes well for you, xo.


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