Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rosie Hat

I barricaded myself in the apartment this weekend. Told my sisters not to call me unless grandmas hair was on fire. 

One afternoon one of the neighbors were being noisy, so I peeked out the window to spy on them. They were sitting on their balcony with their dirty little groupies, strumming their guitars, with there eyes closed and brows drawn. It's hilarious how seriously they take themselves. dorks. 

Turns out one reason I had been so depressed was because of PMS. So I had a fleeting affair with a Hershey bar. It was lovely while it lasted. Had no other food though, just drank tons of water all weekend. I lost 3lbs. 

Anti-social behavior is actually very therapeutic. I slept so much this weekend, I have tons of energy now. I'm like a squirrel on crack. 

I missed my sisters alot. Well, mostly the baby. She is so sweet and cuddly, I can't stop kissing her widdle face. 

The girls and I are getting a puppy! She is a pug. We will call her "Rosie Hat". My baby sister got to name her. We pick her up this weekend, so I'll post a picture as soon as we bring her home. I am sure the girls will have bought a bazillion pink clothes and shoes for her by then.

Glad to be back online! Gotta catch up on everyone's blogs today.

xoxo much luvs,


  1. pugs are so adorable! yay puppies. i'm glad you got your weekend alone. i would love one of those. the squirrel-on-crack image is a great one. yaaay energy!!


  2. ahh i love pugs! but ive always been scared to get one because apparently their eyes have attendancey to POP right out of their sockets and you have to hurry up and pop it back in before too much damage is done. i just dont have the stomach for that :P
    congrats on the 3 pds weight loss! im so freaking jealous im foaming at the mouth like a crack head!
    stay strong

  3. congrats on losing 3lbs. we had the kind of dog i have now (italian greyhound) when i was a kid&it fell in love with a pug. those were some interesting puppies. stay strong, little lady.


  4. Uh, thanks embre.. that is the most disgusting fucking thing I have ever heard in my life. EVER. *smooches*

    Okay, just did some research. Would take a serious injury to cause something like that to happen, and a vet would have to repair it. Good thing to know I guess.

    Thanks to everyone else who didn't make me sick to my stomach about my puppy ;)

  5. yay! glad that your happy mood is back for you. =) PMS is suuuch a bitch. congrats on the three pounds! i love being isolated and antisocial. never really happens anymore though, my friend's house that i am living at is like the Party House, capitalized. i'm lucky if i'm not crowded sharing my bed with 3 other people.

  6. I wish I could just shut myself away from the world! 3 lbs! So jealous.
    And as for the squirrel on crack... haha!
    Hope you can keep up the good work!

  7. ahh awesome job on the loss!
    the picture made me laugh a superlot. merci for that.
    glad your weekend went well. i need one of those.
    also thanks for all the wonderful comments, they really help make me feel better!!
    anastasia kirstyn

  8. congrats on the puppy - I love having a dog again! :)

  9. have you ever heard of a puggle? they're a cross-breed of a pug and a beagle and insanely adorable. they might not be able to beat the cuteness factor of a pug puppy though.
    ps - congrats on your loss!

  10. Oh Gosh, I love you, I truly do! I would die without your comments!

    Congrats on the 3 lbs, well done!

    Hm isn't it just nice to spy on people sometimes? Especially when they take themselves so seriously. Oh you should have told them you were spying on them, you'd have made them so happy :D

    Ah puppys are cute. And the name, too :D It sounds funny. Yay, please post a picture. WITH the pink socks and stuff!


  11. 3 pounds is awesome! I would luurve to lose 3 pounds.

  12. wow 3 lbs! that's awesome! i regained, so i'll have to work on it. yea, i love being alone, so therapeutic for real. /xo

  13. Puggles! K and I will have puggleses someday. He adores them.

    And I? I adore you. I am currently battling my fucking ridiculously insatiable urge to c/s binge an entire pizza...O...M...G!! Someone help me!



    Love you!

  14. congrats on the 3 lbs!! you are an inspiration :)

  15. Puppies are great! Glad you got to rest up and Congrats on the weight loss! ... lucky duck


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