Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dirt Drugs and Panties

Had Starbucks for breakfast this morning, did you guys know they make a "Dirt" flavored coffee now? Yep, they do. Had a tall dirt coffee with splenda. Obviously I could only take a couple sips due to this unpleasant flavor. Perhaps I'll request the poop, or ass flavor next time.

Am feeling a bit less foggy today. Ate one planned meal. A bowl of Alfredo with mushrooms. It tasted pretty good. Couldn't finish all of it though which is very unusual for me. I always go back for seconds when it is pasta... or beer. 

Haven't noticed any other strange side effects from the pills. Aside from the dirt taste in my mouth and mild loopiness. My sister and I went shopping at Victoria's Secret today and ran into a friend. He asked if I was feeling ok (guess he could tell I was pretty out of it). She told him I was high. I just laughed and walked away. When I looked back I saw him ask her, wide eyed, "really?"... "Yup" she said before turning to follow me.

"I  do not drugs, dork.. I said. "So?" she replied... "You are high". Then she mumbled something in french (I'm not fluent like her) and sauntered off to shop for panties. "Skank" I retorted, I am sure it was warranted.

I still ended up buying her xxs sized ass about a bazillion adorable thingies. I loooove that store. Also got myself some goodies too. I like to feel sexy even if I'm probably NEVER gonna show em to anyone. It's my own yummy little secret. I can pretend to be a VS diva if I wanna, hah!

xoxo zen


  1. Lmao... Babble, Drugs, Win...
    You're fuckin' awesome.

    Oh, and you're lovely, too. And, umm... Please can I order the magic pills from the crazy Nigerian online? :P I know, I know...I probably won't...

    I really want to. (I'm just stereotyping, I don't think they're Nigerian. I'm just alluding to the fact that they're probably exceedingly sketchy and/or scammy, even though I've not actually even seen who "they" are...)

    How would I even be able to tell that they were the right stuff? I *couldn't!* That's the only thing...I can't. I can't verify it. But I could, if I took it, and it made me not want to eat...Or if it made my Starbucks taste like dirt...

    I really need help in stopping the bingeing. I really do. More than my weekly visits with my therapist can provide me. But my shrink will inevitably deny me this stuff because I'm surely only using it to get skinny.

    I would.

    Enough rambling...
    Stay lovely!

  2. It's good to hear you're not feeling as crazy out of it. ugh. i hate when life's like that. kind of good you're not craving food though right? (we're all a little fucked up for thinking this but we can't help it can we?)
    love&luck, i've been reading yours,too <3

  3. I'll take a poop flavour starbucks, anything's gotta be better than typhoo's dishwater teabags! lol xx

  4. Haha, dirt flavored coffee! That is hilarious!

    I love VS as well. I got two pairs of really cute underwear there the other day, in XS. Need to lose a few more pounds before they look the best, so it's motivation :) And I am definitely with you; the way things are going right now, the only person who is going to see said underwear is me! But if it puts an extra spring in our step to know the sexiness happening underneath the clothes, then buying it was a good idea!


  5. Hehe, you're awesome :) I want Topamax so that everything tastes like dirt and makes me slightly more mad! xoxo

  6. Haha, you're awesome.

    I confess.

    I ordered some. From an online pharmacy. Mistake? Maybe. $50 for 30 of the generic, topiramate.

    I'll decide if it's a mistake when I take them.

    And yes, of course, I'll keep you posted. ;)


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