Friday, March 19, 2010


Have been kind of sad the last few days. Everything annoys me. My sisters begging for food (not the healthy stuff in the house) but whining for me to stop at the bakery. My friends asking for favors or money (I am broke). The phone calls and texts when I am fucking sleeping. The stupid neighbors coming to visit (I try to hide, but my car is parked out front)...
I am in need of some serious "hermit" time. I'm gonna send the girls off to grandmas for the weekend, shut off the phone, put a "fuck off" sign on the door, and close all the curtains making a cozy little cave.

Haven't been able to run around my apartment naked in forever. And my vibrator has been seriously neglected. That is probably half my problem right there!

Luv you guys.


  1. Hermit time is a vital part of my life. Sounds like you deserve some of it. I'd share if I could!

    As for a sorely neglected vibrator, get a water proof one and take a shower with it. The water muffles the sound. :)

  2. hah, feel the same right now. i feel like being more non-passive than that haha. just wanna go up to my housemates and want to say right in there face: "can u please fck off for next 2 weeks?" feeling so down too. hope u feel better. and why the hell are ur neighbors visiting u? do they have nothing to do? u should re-route ur phone calls to them. oh yea, i shut my phone off for about 2 weeks. it was nice for a while, but 1 week of it's good enough. try it if u really feel like u need ur own solitary, private time to wander in ur own naked world. /xo

  3. I actually LOLed. Which cheered me up. Before reading, I'd have probably agreed :P

    Fake sick, and tell people you're contagious and can't talk to them.

  4. everybody needs to live like a leper once in a while. have fun in your cave.


  5. I love my hermit time - hope you find some soon!

  6. Hermitting time is an estential part of existance I'm sure. Hope the "fuck off" sign works a treat, at least it's too the point :P xoxo

  7. I LOVE this post. I left my vibrator in America. WORST DECISION EVER!!!!! I might buy a new better one this weekend.

    Hermit time is essential for sanity.

  8. The fuck off sign should work pretty well! Make your cosy little cave, and I agree with everyone else, hermit time is essential sometimes, xo.

  9. That's okay, everyone deserves some alone time sometimes.
    As long as you don't lock yourself in your house to make it a binge party it's okay :D Just send us a couple posts sometimes. :)
    love you!

  10. Haha.
    again your comment made me laugh. You always manage to get me in a good move.


    Haha, actually you should come to Tours for a day next week, we could distract each other from food and have an amazing thinspo day. Haha.

  11. lol u r damn funny, looking for a stick figure and stuff. ur comments cheer me up, thanks girl! /xo


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