Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I never really liked St Patty's Day. I was always pinched in grade school for not wearing green. I would lie and say my underwear was green but nobody fucking believed me. People look so stupid wearing mismatched green clothes and ugly green socks.

Then there is the Leprechaun. Little children are taught to set traps to "catch" those buggers. Which are supposed to lead them to a pot of gold. Uh, yeah. Creepy. If I see a little green thing running around my house, I'm grabbing a rolled up newspaper and making a little green splat.

In spit of my lack of enthusiasm for St Pattys day, they decided to hold girls night at my place. So I decided to make green jello-shots for the party, bust out the green boas, glittery green top hats, and let the fun commence. I also plan on taking a billion of pictures of our green-drunken-asses. This may be the best St Pattys Day ever!

xoxo zen


  1. I don't really like it either, its just another day used as an excuse to get drunk.
    Hope you have a good party! :)

  2. if my ass ever looks like that i'm killing myself.

    xD your girls night sounds like it'll be grand. have fun!!

  3. HOOLLLAAAAAAAA jello shots. I miss jello. I am a jello fiend. I used to not eat all day and work out and my only meal for the day would be a shitload of jello shots. I used to be a much better ana. Have fun !

  4. Any excuse to get drunk is okay with me.

  5. Ugh, I'm just thankful I stopped at three. I know it's next to impossible and yet I did it anyway! That was the worst part of the whole thing.
    And the only thing that seems to help my throat is a shot of whiskey. Happy just-an-excuse-to-get-drunk Day! :) And make sure to have as much fun as possible.

  6. Party on <3
    Reverse thinspo like that makes me wonder if she has a special condition that makes her butt like that. how can people just...
    eat THAT much?

  7. sounds like u are up for one hella amazing st patty's day. if u don't remember tomorrow morning, means you had a great night lol.

    the picture is damn hilarious, the first one. that is so not for us, we're not going to let that happen to us.

    and yea, i hate people who are wearing 6000 different hues of green. it's just gross./xo

  8. I would totally flash people too, if I could be as skinny as her!

    So, I don't actually really exercise that much. I am not good at making myself keep up with it. And I don't like doing it. I sometimes feel a little guilty, reading about how all you girls do all this stuff, but I find that I am very good at restriction, and without the exercise, I can eat very little, because I don't need the food to have energy for working out. I go through these spurts sometimes where I develop a work-out plan of tons of sit-ups, push-ups, and leg lifts before I go to bed at night, and I will be really good about sticking to it for a long time, and then something comes up like a family vacation, where I can't do my exercises, and then I just stop doing them even when I am home again. So yeah, I'm a bad ana that way, I guess haha. But three years ago, when I went from 130 to 104lbs., I did it all through pure restriction, so I know I can do it again. I adore skiing, though, so that is my form of exercise in the winter, on the weekends. But then I have to eat to be able to have energy to do it; it's all a vicious cycle haha! But yeah, I figure since I just really hate exercising, why do it? And then I can eat as little as I want!

    Hope you had a good girl's night!



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