Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fizzy bite... My ass!

The last couple days I have eaten 3 - 4 very fatty meals. That is a lot compared to my one meal per day plan. Am feeling an uncomfortable load in my gut. My fingers and face were puffy this morning. I literally expected to look emaciated after losing half my body weight in diarrhea.

Yesterday was the worst. We had been doing some vigorous shopping and I actually ordered a COKE. I really really really miss the fizzy bite that it has. And although Topamax makes everything taste weird, it focuses the bulk of its anti-food power on soda. But still, I thought, just maybe, maaaaybe it would taste good just one more time. Pretty please?!

Nope... dirt.

Someone rinsed their ass, added some dirt, then poured it into my cup. 

In order to salvage the remnants of my sanity.... *snort* who the fuck am I trying to fool? I am not going to weigh myself until Saturday. That gives me a few days to get back on track. 

The last time I weighed in, I was one pound away from my next goal. ONE pound. Sometimes I wonder if it is self sabotage. So close. Oh shit, tomorrow is girls night out. That means alcohol. Moan. I like alcohol. Maybe I'll enjoy it even more on an empty stomach? >evil smile<.

Some-fricken-how, the last time I had a cheat meal, I still lost 3lbs! This has been two days worth of cheat meals, so I am certainly not expecting that sort of miracle. I'm really just hoping not to see any depressing weight gain. I guess even that would still be considered a miracle, eh?

Much luvs to you girlies.

xoxo zen


  1. This Topamax stuff sounds amazing! I wish everything I ate tasted like dirt :)

    I hate the after-effects of fatty meals as well. My digestive system just seriously cannot handle them anymore. It's like my body makes its own endogenous Alli, and I just get the shits after eating something fatty lol. Gross. TMI? Haha.

    Good luck on your weigh-in Saturday! I really hope you make your next goal weight!


  2. me and you must be infected with the same "eat all the fatty crap in site" virus because i have literally eaten everything in site the past few days lol.
    you know, since most of us cant get that topamax you should invent some "ass in a can" powder that we can sprinkle on our food so that we can catch up with your amazing weight loss :P
    mmmm ass in a can goes with anything. want some cake? how about some ass with that... oh that pizza looks good? let me just top it off with an extra sprinkle of ass..
    lol just imagine what the commercials would be like.
    oops i kinda just rambled on your blog.
    stay strong
    your going to do great on your next weigh in!

  3. topamax sounds like...a godsend? nobody (well, almost nobody) wants ass in their mouth. good luck with your new goal! you'll make it.

  4. Yee, hope you make your next goal..I'm sure you will with willpower and fab topamax! Don't think I could survive without coke (diet obviously)...oh and yeh, I agree, I'm stubborn as hell lol. xoxo

  5. wow it's still amazing that you are still keeping up with socializing with your friends. i really envy that. my life's changed - i gradually severed off all my ties basically, i only socialize on a superficial level. i hate how socializing always has to be over food and drinks.... ah.. st. patty's is tomorrow. /xo


    I want it!!!! :(


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