Saturday, March 27, 2010

I cheat on my digital scale

Digital scales are so fun to manipulate. You get on and leeeaaan to the left a bit, just right, get that extra two ounce drop, careful not to make it go UP. Or if that doesn't work, you go pee. If you feel a bit of gurgle or gas, you wait, knowing you may shit your way down to the desired morning weight. Then voilĂ . You accomplish your goal. PRIDE ensues.

Today was not one of those days. I did lose a pound which was GREAT. But was only 2oz from next pound down! So, I got greedy. Did the leeeaaan, no good, took a pee, no good, made some poo, no good. Fuck it. Atleast, that means tomorrow I will be down atleast another pound if not two!!

My secret... aside from manipulating my scale? Not eating. I have water and 400mg Topa daily. I discovered that if I take my pills later in the day the appetite suppressant effect lasts longer. So now I can stay up waaay past my bedtime without worrying about binging.

I do however occasionally treat myself to a 210 cal Hershey chocolate bar. Not because I am hungry, but because it is the only thing in the entire world that actually does not taste like ass/dirt. I know it's junk, but chocolate makes me sooo happy.

Yesterday I bought these health bars (chocolate covered of course). They have protein, fiber, and vitamins. And they are only 100 cals... which is half the cals of those candy bars. So I think I'm gonna have those instead.

Oooohhh... tummy burn means I need more water. Topa makes me drink TONS. My sister asked me why the fuck we are going through 2 rolls of toilette paper a day. I just blamed it on the little one. Heh, toddlers. Always using too much, ya know? Geesh.

xoxo zen


  1. Heh, I know the feeling. Whenever I'm desperate, I'll weigh myself and then "empty" myself and then weigh myself again. Or the lean, weigh, lean the other way, weigh. I never feel like I can trust the damned thing.

    Oh well. Peace out!

  2. Wow, just topa and water in ur diet? gosh, everyone here seems to have so much control over themselves. i am so loose lol. i guess ur eyelash extensions are coming up soon! btw, thanks for ur comment, yea, sometimes i scare the sht out of myself. oh well, it shall pass once i'm thin and happy./xo

  3. I am the expert in scale manipulation. Stripping. All jewllery off. Even earings.
    Toilet, twice, three band out...tip toes, jumping up and down.

    It's a fun game.

  4. I am the queen of finding "healthy" ways to eat chocolate. If you can find them where you are try vitatopps. Delicious, 100 cals, and low fat! Oh and so chocolateyyy!

  5. I manipulate the scale too, early morning, after going to the bathroom etc etc. Ooooh, I wish I could get chocolate at 100 cals, its something I always crave.

  6. yup, i go butt naked when getting on the scale. mine is kinda junky though so it only says half pound intervals. though every now and then i pee a pound out. i cant imagine what C is thinking when im in the bathroom for 10 minutes and suddenly scream "VICTORY" after an exceptionally good piss.
    i say go for the chocolate without guilt. its always great to treat yourself. thank god chocolate is the one thing that doesnt taste like dirt. i couldnt live without chocolate.
    stay strong

  7. Ah cheating on the scale is fun, isn't it? But it never works ... And if it does I feel horrible. Don't you?
    Yeah I'm pretty sure you'll be 2 lbs lighter by tomorrow. You always lose weight. Everytime I read your blog I wonder where I could get your pills from. I really need them. Badly. I want something like this.
    Do you feel okay with taking them? I mean in a way you should be scared, shouldn't you? About starting to eat again, once you can't take the lovely pills any longer?
    Aw :( I want them. Haha.
    I think the 210 kcal a day sometimes are quite good. To keep your metabolism going.

  8. You are HILARIOUS! Seriously, your blog gave me more amusement than any other I've come across this far. Major kudos :)

  9. Yeah i laugh every time i read your blog, it always has some relevance to my life aswell :)
    such as this scale manipulation... I have so much more fun on my ahhhh i dunno what its called the non-digital scale then i do on my digital one, you lean a tiny bit forward and it goes up, you lean a tiny bit back and it goes down, haha so amusing.

  10. It's good to know I'm not the only one that does that,
    i love your posts!


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