Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five little squirrels

Five little squirrels sitting in a tree.
The first one said, "What should we do?"
The second one said, "Find some nuts on the ground?"
The third one said, "Hey, did you hear zen lost three pounds today?"
The fourth one said, "That fucking hoe."
The fifth one said, "Lets go bite her ankles."
So they shook their tails and ran with glee.
To the skinny little bitch at the foot of the tree.

Ok, so I am not the best story-teller. Bite me.

Had girls night, watched a double feature... The Blind Side and The Crazies. Both are great movies. And had a Greek salad with several pieces of homemade bread...mmmm.

I was too scared to weigh-in yesterday, due to being naughty the night before. And was pretty nervous about getting on the fricken scale today too, but decided to stop being a pussy and find out how bad the damage was.

OMFG. I was not expecting loss. It has to be the drug. This never happens to me so close to a semi-binge. NEVER.

I have been sticking to only one meal a day. It does hurt. I feel the burn. I relish the thought of my yummy dinner. But lately, even when I am ravenous, I am actually able to eat that one meal in moderation.

I still have 30lbs to goal. OMG I almost feel like I can actually do this.
Love you guys... oh, and you too Topamax (smooches).

xoxo zen


  1. The third squirrel probably wasn't paying attention to the conversation. I like it.


  2. Ha...I like this. Once again, you've made me smile despite myself.

    I can't wait to get my pills. I can't wait.

    I need three pounds gone. I need thirty pounds gone.

    More than anything.

    More than this 100 calorie oatmeal, that's for sure.

    *decreases her dizziness via Quaker oats*


    I'll leave you alone so that I don't cause you depression by association. ;)

  3. aaah i think i'm a squirrel.
    bite bite. tastes like envy. waah.

    but i can't help it, i have to smile.
    thanks :)

  4. haha squirrels. u love squirrels don't u? last time u said u argued w/ ur sister, u also told in a squirrel-story-way. sorry, but damn i hate those freaking squirrels. they always rip apart the trash bags and toss them everywhere! so it's like when u said how u had to go around the dog poop; me, i have to go around those disgusting food waste that squirrels kindly emancipated from the trash bag for the entire world to see.

    losing 3 pounds. dammmmmn that's awesome! do u work out? or do u think it's topamax? geeeeeez, i wish i could get it prescribed too!!!!!! such amazing stuff. what else do u do apart from taking topamax? i want to do whatever ur doing...! got to lose this guiness-world-record-sized fatass of mine.


  5. OMG you made me laugh. Haha funny squirrels.



  6. I thought your story was amazing! Haha. I love your blog! And 3 pounds?! I seriously need to get myself some pills. And ALMOST feel like you can do it?! You CAN do it, and you will! Stay strong honey, you'll be at your goal before you know it! :) x

  7. Ah you had me in stitches with your comment, girl!

    They actually do look alike, the old dragon lady and Gladys! Bad omen isn't it?
    But at least you made me laugh about it. Out loud. The girls just came to my room and wanted to see what's going on. I showed the picture and said: "This is our lady."
    They quite agree.

    I'll have dinner tonight, have to, but I'll try to make you proud and eat only half of it!

    Yaaaps, French food is quite something isn't it?
    I wonder ... is every french person like this? because so far I've not had one person who DIDN'T try to fatten me but at the same time they are so painfully skinny? Weird isn't it?


  8. your posts are so kyoooot. they always make me giggle. 3 pounds! gah envy. what drug are you taking?! it sounds amazing.

  9. Oh, bless you. I just found your blog, and I think I love you! What a poem!


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